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Re: Theos-World Alice A. Bailey and The United Nations - The Word made FLESH!

Jul 31, 2008 05:12 PM
by Augoeides-222

 Thanks for your kind attention and the Fabian Link it is now in my favorites. I realize there are various colours of degree but during my life I seem to have observed that the Socialist International garnered support from all spectrums when it involved core philosophical tenets and they all closed ranks in such manner that no variation could be found in terms of mass action. They in turn rank and file suborn to the Soviet Collective dictate in a great many cases, they appear Integral to me. I don't disparage in the least such things as minimum wage, Unions, right to work, realistic social health care, and many other worthy causes that obtain by social activism. I don't accord to the destructive manipulative use of organized human beings to destructively wage political warfare advocated by the Totalitarian Leadership, their Central Committee's and Hierarchy. As this is observable. For instance today Lufthansa Airlines has been struck by the Services Union at a time that all airline
s are most severely struggling to remain solvent. Lufthansa had to discontinue many International Flights and reorganize European Schedules and just in time the Union "strikes" them! 
I have always found it hard to separate the various veins of socialisms when they all close ranks together monolithically and follow the Communist Proclamations title , chapter and verse. Perhaps I see in a tunnel but who do you know that can place 6 million demonstrators on the streets of Europe in only 24 hours time? Guess who? You can see the reach today on the issue of things like the Ukraine Sovreignity and the Crimea Fleet and Nato, the Serbia - Kosovo reactions that immediately follow Russian Political proclamations. The Tibetan outrage and the immense International Agitative Network the Chinese have meticulously created  to assist and carry forward their Foreign Policy in Tibet and overseas. Italy can't possess a Government for any period of reasonable duration due to the leftist clamor and obstructionism there. I don't really think it is unthinkable that Leftists would see a future is subverting Theosophical organisations well all the time wearing the garb but advancing th
e program of the International. After all haven't we already seen that here and elsewhere?it is like not talking about sex here as one person observed. I read online that the Peoples Temple originally began as a Socialist Organization. it is my understanding that there have been Socialist Presidents of American Theosophy in the last century. If you Google Political Party's in America the list is awesome! What I resent is the covertness, the underhandedness, the duplicite avoidance of presenting straight out and straight  forward the alleigence and political character that some activists feel cannot be presented out front in clear unmistakable view of all.

    A good example is "Code Pink" an organization that camped out near the Presidents Ranch for months. and they continually disrupt the U. S. Senate and House of Representatives Hearings and Pentagon Briefings. The woman who founded Code Pink was a committed long time Communist who worked at the United Nations for 20 years as a economist. 

  In my remembrance a good many of the Fabianist Club membership were also self proclaimed Communists who said so openly with pride, many were quite famous.I could of course be mistaken but I think they again found a convenient garment to wear. 

 At any rate thanks, you know Lavrov recently spoke about the new cold war.

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From: "Anton Rozman" <> 
Hi friends,

>Annie Besant was a committed Communist before she arrived to Theosophy 
or met Blavatsky.<

Maybe this link can help to put Annie Besant's political orientation 
before she joined the TS in more accurate perspective:

Best regards,


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