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A 2nd Posting to Anand: These are the basic questions concerning "God"

Jul 31, 2008 12:36 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Hi Anand,

Concerning the material covered in my posting at:

I believe the BASIC QUESTIONS I asked you were:

So is there an identity of thought between what Jnaneshwar teaches
and Koot Hoomi in, for example, Letter 10 which I quoted?

In other words, is Jnaneshwar and Koot Hoomi espousing the 
same "view", "teaching", etc.?

And does Madame Blavatsky in THE SECRET DOCTRINE teach something
similar if not identical to what Jnanaeshwar taught and what we
find in the letter from Master Koot Hoomi?

I post these 2 questions again so they are not lost in all
the postings between us.


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