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Re: Theos-World Alice A. Bailey and The United Nations - The Word made FLESH!

Jul 31, 2008 04:28 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>I didn't care to read Alice Bailey or Annie Besant as they were both away
>from H.P.B. in my personal view. Annie Besant was a committed Communist
>before she arrived to Theosophy or met Blavatsky. I consider that she knew
>an opportunity to use Theosophy to advance those causes. I never admit that
>Communists can throw away the tenets they hold dear at the drop of the hat.

Interesting, John. You use against Besant the very same argument as the
Nazis. They also claimed that Theosophists teach communism, a Masonic One
World ideology to destroy the natural hierachies of peoples and nations and
races and teach a race intermix as the Marxist Internationale propagates
(especially directed against the British Theosophists in Germany, which are
said to have been sworn to the City of London and the King of England).

Leading Jews and Freemasons like Coudenhove Kalergi had (and still have when
you look at the EU policy) an agenda that the Jews are the master race which
should rule the Europeans, that race intermix with millions of Africans and
Asians, which will they force to immigrate to Europe, will break the will of
the Europeans so that the Jews can easily rule them:

Gosh, Coudenhove Kalergi, who spreat his racist and inhuman ideology in a
1923 Vienna Masonic magazine and in several books, which are black listed in
all European states (except in the national library of Finland or Sweden, I
guess), has an agenda similar to the The Protocols of the Learned Elders of
Zion - which are said to be a forgery (as Jews say).

But Coudenhove Kalergi really lived and his books where really printed,
although behind the scene there is much done to silence this Jewish pioneer 
Could the sheep awake before kosher butchering?

His contemporary big H at the same time proclaimed that mankind must not be
divided in superior and inferior races and that each race has a worth of its
own (they called it Erbeigenart, which is the same as swabhava in Tibetan
Buddhism) and that the peoples should deal brotherly with each other...

And was Besant not rather a Fabian socialist - a kind of social
democratism - than a communist?

>It is sport today to foment hatred of America so what's new?

Many would say it it rather "America" [USA] which bring hatred to the world
since a longer time. Or rather a little gangster clique which is raised in 
own-run agngster elite universities, to be trained from their teens on to 
lie and steel so that they become the next foreign rule leaders.

Yet there is no room for anti-americanism in theosophy as the TS was founded
to end foreign rules over the nations and a theosophist, who has studied his
ABC, knows well that the normal American is no more guilty for the crimes of
his pseudo-government as any other human being, except for the occult

Even HPB, when she was forced to US citizenship to get a heritage, was
furious about the gross inmorality in USA in her letters to her sister.
But the USA of today or HPB's day is not the USA of the founding fathers.



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