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Re: Theos-World Blavatsky's mistake about "God" ???

Jul 26, 2008 05:57 PM
by Cass Silva

Hi Daniel
It will be interesting to hear Anand's response.  I am of the opinion that people like Anand, cherry pick from Theosophy those cherries that sit well with their own personal take on what theosophy teaches.  This is why I suggested that the teachings of Blavatsky/Masters should be divorced from the teachings of Besant/Leadbeater and god know how many others in the past such as Steiner, Bailey etc etc.  Blavatsky and the Masters penned the name "Theosophy" all others who do not strictly adhere to the principles expressed in those teachings have no right to call themselves theosophists.  

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Subject: Theos-World Blavatsky's mistake about "God" ???

Anand writes in part:

"As I have considerable contact with Christians, I asked some of the
Christian teachers and pastors about what idea of God is according to
Christianity. They said God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient
creator of the universe. They did not consider God 
anthropomorphic. ...God as understood by these Christians is close to
Theosophical understanding of God....Blavatsky conveyed the idea that 
God does not exist, which is another huge mistake. As many of the
followers of Blavatsky ARE GETTING MISLED into believing that God 
does not exist, it will be better that Blavatsky's teaching should 
not be promoted." CAPS added

Now I would like to look at some of the assertions Anand has made in 
the above statement, especially in light of what he says about many 
of the followers of Blavasky being misled. Misled by whom? I assume 
his answer would be by Blavatsky herself.

Now this seems to me to be a quite serious charge. 

And the underlining implication is that Anand knows the truth of the 
matter. Indeed, he knows the truth and therefore is in a position to 
say that Blavatsky has made a mistake and has misled many of her 

What is this claim and assertion based upon?

Now it is one thing to hold an opinion about "God" and to say that 
this is my opinion. But in fact Anand goes further and states as a 
matter of fact that followers of Blavatsky are being misled. 
Therefore some inquirers as well as longtime students of Theosophy 
who read this board may be somewhat puzzled and even confused after 
reading such a statement by Anand.

Notice that Anand tells us:

"God as understood by these Christians is close to
Theosophical understanding of God...."

But then states that Blavatsky's view of God is a mistake.

Therefore Anand seems to be stating that Blavatsky's view is NOT the 
Theosophical understanding of God.

So does that make Blavatsky's view anti-Theosophical or even pseudo-
Theosophical? This is a serious question that needs to be answered.

But some readers and some inquirers may ask: Well if what Anand says 
is the truth of the matter then what do the Masters say about "God"? 
What is their Theosophical understanding of "God"?

Since it has been claimed in Theosophical literature that Blavatsky 
was sent out by these Masters to let the world know something about 
their Theosophical and esoteric knowledge and since many Theosophists 
and students of Theosophy believe that, for example, Blavatsky's 
SECRET DOCTRINE gives out the teachings of these Masters especically 
as given by Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi, is Anand promoting the idea 
that in the pages of THE SECRET DOCTRINE, Blavatsky got it all wrong 
about "God" and in effect has misled the public about the views of 
the Masters on "God"?

But what puzzles me (and I would love to hear Anand's detailed 
explanation of this) is how does Anand know that Blavatsky got it 
wrong, that is about "God"? How does he know this? I mean there is 
the possibility that Anand is simply mistaken himself. Is not that a 
possibility? How does he, for example, really KNOW what the Masters' 
views are on "God"? And what about the letters from the Masters? 
What about the letters from the Master Koot Hoomi and Morya in which 
they write many pages on "God"? Is Blavatsky's view of God contrary 
to the views about God as given in these letters of the Masters.

And was it not through these letters from the Master K.H. transmitted 
apparently through Blavatsky that even Mr. Leadbeater was accepted as 
a probationary chela of this Master? I will go more into this aspect 
in a later posting if the opportunity arises.

So what does the Master KH say about "God"? And does 
KH's "theosophical understanding" MATCH Blavatsky's understanding 
of "God" or does it match, well, Ananda's "understanding" or at least 
his Theos-Talk assertions as quoted earlier in this email?

Now Anand can believe anything he wants to about "God". But when he 
starts claiming that Blavatsky made a mistake about God and that he 
[Anand] has apparently the true "Theosophical understanding" about 
God that HPB didn't have, and furthermore asserts that many of 
Blavatsky's followers have been misled by Blavatsky's supposed 
mistake about God, I would suggest that he [Anand} needs to back up 
his vague general assertions with some facts, evidence and 


Well, maybe some of these "misled" Blavatsky students might like to 
know more about these statements by Anand. Are they true? What is 
Anand basing all of this on. Because if a Blavatsky student is 
willing to entertain the possibility that he/she has indeed been 
misled by Blavatsky, then would it not be a good thing for Anand to 
show [for example on this public discussion group which can be 
accessed from most if not all continents on the globe] HOW he arrived 
at his conclusions. What evidence, what facts, what sound and clear 
reasoning does he have to support the bald statements he had made?

And I'm hoping that he will try to explain why the "Theosophical 
understanding" of "God" as given in the letters of the Masters (for 
example, THE MAHATMA LETTERS TO A.P. SINNETT) appears to confirm 
Blavatsky's exposition of "God" as found for example in THE KEY TO 

Does Anand believe that the Master Koot Hoomi ALSO made a mistake and 
is also guilty of misleading??

No doubt readers of many continents around the globe will be 
interested in this subject and any elucidation that Anand makes.



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