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Re: National Karma, Is it ok for one nation to Nuke another Nation, what of Karma

Jul 26, 2008 01:21 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Henry wrote:

>   I do not support America's current wars overseas.
> In American Air Force, I also worked on B-47 and B-52's loaded with Nukes.
> At age 20 I would do Nuke war, by launching the Bombers with the Nukes, like in the Cuban Missile crisis.
> I have faced thought form of Nuke war, while I worked on the bombers with the Nukes on them.
> At my current age, of  64, I no longer could Nuke any other country or people.
> It brothers me when people, some americans, talk of nuking Iran.  This is not funny to me and I do not support it.  I do not want my nation-state, America, to Nuke anyone--again. 


one should bear in mind, that it is never the peoples who want the war.
It is always the elite plutocrats which feel poor with all their billions and trillions and want also all the possessions of others.

And all this under the "human rights" ideology. If you want war, you'll always find a reason to portrait your enemy as bad.

Just heard the black magic speech of Obama in Berlin. He says "change", but has the same policy as Bush.
He stressed the air raid lie, the cold war lie, the Berlin war lie, the 9-11 lie, the Afghanistan lie and the Iran lie.

And all this that the super richest of the super richest get even more money, regardles how many thousand and millions human beings has to die for it.

We live in a complete corrupt and lie world and nearly everytime the opposite is true.

To come to insight and understand the chess in which we are, is complicated. More complicated, if you belong to the (alleged) winner side than to the the (alleged) looser side.

>From the theosophical point of view we live in a maya world which corresponds to the lower personality. If we come to insight and knowledge of the inner god, we have a bird's eye view of the world and see it without bias. Than we have no reason to blame the hard working American or the American people in general. It's but a little gangster elite which have kidnapped the USA since 1913.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." 
- (George Orwell)

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