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The Society founded to remedy the glaring evils of Christianity (2)

Jul 26, 2008 01:01 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

To all readers

My views are:

Some theosophists have warned the Seekers about the Jesuits and the false Christian's.
Other theosophists have by all possible means avoided doing so!

1. H. P. Blavatsky vs Jesuits and false Christians:

H. P. Blavatsky wrote:

A plain statement; and as cool as it is plain. "

"It is curious to observe, how persistently the Order [The Jesuits] has assailed everything like Occultism from the earliest times, and Theosophy since the foundation of its last Society, which is ours. The Moors and the Jews of Spain felt the weight of the oppressive hand of Obscurantism no less than did the Kabalists and Alchemists of the Middle Ages. One would think Esoteric philosophy and especially the Occult Arts, or Magic, were an abomination to these good holy fathers? And so indeed they would have the world believe. But when one studies history and the works of their own authors published with the imprimatur of the Order, what does one find? That the Jesuits have practised not only Occultism, but BLACK MAGIC in its worst form,4 more than any other body of men; and that to it they owe in large measure their power and influence! "
(Excerpts from the article "THEOSOPHY OR JESUITISM?" by H. P. Blavatsky - june 1888)

2. H. P. Blavatsky wrote about the plot of the Jesuits:

". . . . . It would be well perhaps, if the Jesuits contented themselves with making dupes of Freemasons and opposing the Theosophists and Occultists using for it the Protestant clergy as "cat's paw." But their plottings have a much wider scope, and embrace a minuteness of detail and care of which the world in general has no idea. Everything is done by them to bring the mass of mankind again to the state of passive ignorance which they well know is the only one which can help them to the consummation of their purpose of Universal Despotism."

3. Rudolf Steiner, and the Jesuits

Rudolf Steiner, who became a member of  The Theosophical Society after H. P. Blavatsky was dead broke away from The 

Theosophical Society and formed his own version of theosophy named Athroposophy also warned against the Jesuits.

Rudolf Steiner wrote:
"The movement which interests us in connection with our spiritual-scientific point of view, and which we may call an extraordinarily dangerous error in a certain sense, is the movement known in the external world as Jesuitism. In Jesuitism we encounter a dangerous exaggeration of the Jesus-Principle. In the other movement, which for centuries has existed in Europe as Rosicrucianism, we have an inward Christ-movement which above all seeks carefully for the ways of truth.

Ever since a Jesuitical current arose in Europe, much has been said and written in exoteric life about Jesuitism. Those who wish to study spiritual life from its deeper sources will thus be concerned to see how far Jesuitism signifies a dangerous exaggeration of the Jesus-Principle. If we wish to arrive at a true characterisation of Jesuitism, we must get to know how the three chief principles of world-evolution, which are indicated in the most varied ways in the different world-outlooks, find practical expression in human life, including exoteric life. Today we will first of all turn quite away from the deeper significance and characterisation of these three fundamental streams, which run through all life and all evolution, and will review them from an external point of view."
"This will be seen when we now enquire into the esoteric part of Jesuitism, its various spiritual exercises. How were these exercises arranged? The essential point is that every single pupil of Jesuitism goes through exercises which lead into the occult life, but into the Will, and within the field of occultism they hold the Will in severe discipline; they 'break it in', one might say. And the significant fact is that this discipline of the Will does not arise merely from the surface of life, but from something deeper, because the pupil has been led into the occult, in the way just indicated."
"These ideas, gathered up into a single resolution of the Will, can certainly give the Will immense strength. But we must ask: what is it in the soul-life that has been directly attacked? The element that ought to be regarded as intrinsically holy, the element that ought not to be touched - the Will-element. In so far as this Jesuit training lays hold of the Will-element, while the Jesus-idea seizes the Will-element completely, in so far is the concept of the dominion of Jesus exaggerated in the most dangerous way - dangerous because through it the Will becomes so strong that it can work directly upon the Will of another. For where the Will becomes so strong through Imaginations, which means by occult methods, it acquires the capacity for working directly upon the Will of another, and hence also along all the other occult paths to which such a Will can have recourse."
( "From Jesus to Christ" lecture by Rudolf Steiner, 5th October, 1911 |Karlsruhe -

Rudolf Steiner talked about this issue as late as 1920, when the first books by Alice A. Bailey was being written.
"No doubt you are aware that Jesuit influence is behind many of the attacks on us. You know, for instance, that form the Jesuit side came the most flagrant lies; for instance, the accusation that I myself had once been a priest and had forsaken the priesthood. "
(Roman Catholicism by Rudolf Steiner - Lecture I - Dornach, May 30, 1920)

It is astonishing to know that Alice A. Bailey never mentioned the above issues from H. P. Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner in her many books and pages. She never mentioned the Black Magic performed by the Christian's, although she wrote a good deal about Black Magic. Instead we were given an Invocation a prayer to a dualistic "God". The Great Invocation.

And to support the present day Christianity the Militant Christian's in USA and the Vatican included is to be ruled out. They are to be considered in opposition to the theosophical teachings as they were given by H. P. Blavatsky. And any talk of watering down their evil wrong-doings down like the followers of Alice A. Bailey's books quite often do - is totally out of the question!

- - - - - - -

The bitter truth is that before man can know his own inadequacy, or the competence of another man or institution, he must first learn something which will enable him to perceive both. Note well that his perception itself is a product of right study; not of instinct or emotional attraction to the individual, nor yet of desiring to 'go it alone'. This is 'Learning How To Learn.' (Idries Shah)

M. Sufilight

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