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Re: Theos-World First root race, did it have gender and sex. What of 7th root race, will it have gender.

Jul 25, 2008 09:25 PM
by Cass Silva

These notes were given to me by a member of the ES in Melbourne.
Man in the First Round and First Race on Globe D, our Earth, was an ethereal being, sexless and, like the animal and vegetable, develops a monstrous body corresponding with his coarser surroundings. The Polar Race -Ether
I would personally like to explore the subject of how an ethereal being can exist on a solid earth.
Man in Round Two, is still gigantic and ethereal but growing firmer and more condensed in body, a more physical man.  Yet still less intelligent than spiritual.  - The Hyperborean Root Race - Etheric
In Round Three he has a perfectly compacted body, at first the form of a giant-ape, and now more intelligent, or rather cunning, than spiritual.  His primoridal spirituality is eclipsed and overshadowed by nascent mentality.  In the last half of the Third round his gigantic staature decreases, and his body improves in texture. Lemurian Root Race - solid
In Round Four Intellect has enormously developed.  The dumb-races aquire our (present) human speech on this globe on which, from the Fourth Race, language is perfected and knowledge increases. Atlantean Root Race - 7 sub races - developed civilisation. Destroyed by water
**Morally irresponsible, it was these third Race 'men" who, through promiscuous connection with animal species lower than themselves, created that missing link which became, ages later, the remote ancestor of the real ape as we find it now in the pithecoid family.  In those days there were animals of which zoology does not even dream of in these days; and the modes of reproduction were not identical.
Have very little on the 5th Root Race 
Arian Root Race - High civilisation/Technology - To be destroyed by fire
6th Root Race - Sub Races unkown.  Highter Intelligence/Technology
7th Root Race - Unknown
Hope it helps

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Subject: Theos-World First root race, did it have gender and sex. What of 7th root race, will it have gender.

Did not HPB say in SD that the first root race had no gender at all?

First root race, being spirits, had no physical body, and no sexural reproduction and no sex and no gender.

I may remember it incorrectly. What was the first root race like according to HPB and the SD. Did the first root race have physical bodies?

Did these bodies have gender and sex?

Please feel free to correct my error in my understanding of the first root race?

And also, the 7th root race, will it have gender and sex or Not.

Henry B. Ellak


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