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Re: Theos-World HPB & HSO taking Pansil

Jul 24, 2008 04:06 PM
by Martin

HPB and Olcott wanted brotherhood between the eastern and western religions and they became buddhists.
Besant and Leadbeater wanted brotherhood between western and eastern relgions so they went the christian way.
Krishnamurti wanted brotherhood between atheists so he became one.
The Bodhisatva probably supports Islam...( sorry Maitreya, couldn't resist:-)

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Subject: Theos-World HPB & HSO taking Pansil
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In a message I posted couple of years ago, I mentioned that HPB & HSO became
Buddhists because no other religion will accept them. Our dear friend late
Dallas Tenbroeck, a long time Theosophical Scholar, requested if I could
find the cite. Here it is.

Annie Besant, in the closing lecture of the Theosophical Convention of 1909
"Both the Founders joined Buddhism, because it was the only eastern religion
that would accept them, and they wanted to emphasise the value of eastern
religion. Buddhism offers an open door to those who desire to come, and
Colonel Olcott, with his leanings of the past to Buddhism, went into it
heart and soul, Madame Blavatsky's joining was of a more supreficial
character. I once asked her why she had joined Buddhism and she answered:
"Well my dear, I wanted to show that I thought a religion of the East was
rather better than the religion of the West."


M K Ramadoss, Member, San Antonio, Texas, USA


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