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Re: Theos-World Cheers ! Theosophical Society succeeded in attaining it's object

Jul 22, 2008 07:58 AM
by Drpsionic

Ovbiously you have no experience with the way law works in the West.? Mrs. Besant was not imprisoned, she was briefly interned and then released because of her political influence, which was considerable.? The records of the British Home Office are full of it---she drove them nuts.

It worked like this.? Leadbeater is accused.? But Leadbeater has friends who can make or break careers in Sydney.? The cops, whose only interest in life is protecting their pensions and if you take away their tin stars cannot satisfy their wives, are quietly informed that this is one case that is going to die or their pensions are going to go bye bye.? So the case against Leadbeater is dropped.? Very simple.? It is still done all the time.

I was once at a very non-theosophical gathering where someone the week before had behaved very badly and there were several police there waiting to arrest him.? The organizer of the gathering talked quietly to one of the cops and put a photograph on the bar.? The police literally choked and ran out of the place.? The photograph was of the local police chief's two children playing in front of their house.? Now, the Theosophists in Sydney would not have been quite so overt but the message would have been similiar--"It is in your interest that this case go no farther."

Chuck the Heretic 

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> reasons why Leadbeater would not have been charged with anything,
> not the least the political influence the Theosophical Society had 
> at the time.? The prosecutors would have found good reasons to look
> the other way--their careers depended upon it.

T.S. had no such influence as to influence english court of law.
How Annie Besant, its president, got imprisoned? It at once shows that 
your version is ridiculous. Also it's important that at least some 
charges against Leadbeater were raised inside the T.S. The members of 
the Communist Party which had all the power in USSR, nevertheless were 
often imprisoned. Party just expelled them saying that they "disgrace" 
party. The same thing is with todays ruling party "One Russia".

Anyway we have only allegations and charges and no proofs. For 
example, Wood, who knew Leadbeater personally for many years, and 
later wrote the book where he is critical about Theosophical Society, 
doesn't confirm these charges. We should also remember that he at once 
left Society lest the accusations against cast shadow on the Society, 
and returned only when members invited him again. So, as theosophist, 
we should defend Leadbeater, not despise him, following the precept of 
Blavatsky not to widespread rumors, but defend, and only of you know 
for sure that it's true, be silent (but not widepread anyway). I'm 
sure that she herself would behave so. Moreover, he was her personal 
The greatest and only trouble of all these theosophists who became 
victims of slander (beginning from Blavatsky) is that they knew 
nothing about what we call today "public relations".


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