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Re: Theos-World Cheers ! Theosophical Society succeeded in attaining it's object

Jul 21, 2008 09:55 AM
by Anand

--- In, "Morten Nymann Olesen"
<global-theosophy@...> wrote:
> Anand wrote:
> "I think credit of such
> peace on earth goes to the Theosophical Society to much extent."
> You may believe that.
> But the fact is, that all of us have helped it along.

That is true. In wider sense those who studied Theosophy, and lived to
some extent according to principles of Theosophy have helped. 
There is another prophecy of Annie Besant which came true. She had
foretold that League of Nations was just beginning, later all nations
would work together, as happened through United Nations. 
Anand Gholap 

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