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Re: Theos-World Dynasty subverting Democracy (through FEAR)

Jul 16, 2008 01:39 AM
by Anand

When I said people fear to talk with Radha Burnier, I  did not mean
that she intentionally scares them. I think people fear to talk
because of many reasons. People are more cautious because Radha is the
President of the TS. Also she is head of E.S. and Co-masonry. Many
members of TS are also members of these organizations and their
prospects in these organizations depend on Radha. Another reason is
Radha expects considerable discipline from people and sees that they
do things as she expects. Because of these and some more reasons
people fear to talk with Radha. 
There are cultural differences also. I live among Christians.
Christians are taught to smile or shake hand when they meet another
person. Many Christians start communication in first meeting. 
This Christian culture does not exist among people of other religions.
So they don't behave like Christians.
I think Radha does not follow Christian culture, and it is not
obligatory for TS President to follow any particular culture. 
Personally, I like Christian way of life.

Anand Gholap

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