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Commentary & Reflection On The Recent Presidential Election

Jul 13, 2008 11:32 AM
by t_s_theosophist

Commentary & Reflection On The Recent Presidential Election.... 
Level, Plumb & Square

There is a universal foundational understanding among architects and builders that the structures they erect must conform to certain basic criteria of being "Level", "Plumb," and "Square" if it is to be a sound structure that will endure. Any deviation from the above "Landmarks" and the building is in serious jepordy and "unsound." 

In certain legends of the Ancient Builders a story is told of three semi-skilled workers who were impatient at the progress of the building project they were working on, as they would not be paid their wages until the building was completed. They wanted to "cut corners" and use inferrior material to speed things up. 

They were impatient to know how to use tools that at their level of tradecraft they had no knowledge of. They conspired together to trick one of the Master Craftsmen to unlawfully reveal these "trade secrets" to them by force if necessary. 

Alone one evening they confronted the Master, who being true to his calling, refused their demands. Things got rough, the Master was alone and had no assistance, the trio of ruffians ended up killing the Master, who as it turns out was the Grand Master Craftsman of this particular building project. 

Ambition, Envy, Greed are three ruffians that motivate immature and semi-skilled people. They want to move things along fast according to their own timetable and not that of Providence. They will "cut corners," use shoddy material, engage in deceit and cunning, any trick in the book just to get their own way, and attempt to cover it all up with a broad smile and clever public relations. They may fool many people for a long time....BUT.. their deviousness will be revealed in the inferrior product they have produced, it will not stand up to scrutiny and testing. 

There is no substitute for TRUTH,INTEGRITY, AND GOODNESS, and any attempt to subvert the Ancient Landmarks is doomed to failure. 

Any objective outside observer would have to acknowledge that in some National Sections of The Society, the election process was compromised by deviousness and deceit. 

Fortunately as Providence would have it, Truth, Integrity and Goodness won out, they always do in the long run. But this is a fact that unskilled workers motivated by the three ruffians do not fully understand. 

Providence works according to its' own time table, not ours. The lesson for us is Patience and the assurance that if we have followed the Ancient Landmarks of Level, Plumb and Square the results will be perfect and wholly gratifying, Square Dealings, Level Steps, and an Upright Life. 

The Great Tragedy of this election is that an astute and great scholar, and an able administrator let himself be compromised by the devious actions of a few. There is no question that in time he would have been a wonderful leader. And if he had no foreknowledge of these electioneering plans, when they did come to light, he remained silent. One questions why he did not distance himself from this attempted trickery, and recuse himself. 

When we have lost our Integrity we really have nothing else worthwhile to work with. 

Leonardo Davinci noted that: "The Supreme Misfortune is when theory outstrips performance." 

We are cautioned in our Theosophical Teachings: "To Kill Out Ambition." It is deadly to any true spirituality. 

Just some thoughts I ponder, as I am sure many other members around the world do also in the aftermath of this election. 

Can we all re-commit ourselves to play by the rules, and play fair, to act on The Level, Plumb and Square? 

Respectfully & Fraternally

William(Bill) Delahunt
Orlando, Florida. 

Member and Student of
Theosophy since 1969 

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