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Re: Dynasty subverting Democracy

Jul 11, 2008 06:17 AM
by kpauljohnson

Hi Konstantin,

I was hoping you might comment on the underlying issue, if you feel 
comfortable doing so regarding your homeland.  One of the concerns in 
the West with the fall of the Soviet Union was that monarchists might 
disrupt the transition to democracy in some of the ex-Soviet states 
or satellites.  That didn't happen anywhere, and I don't know if any 
restorationist movements ever got any headway at all.  (Noises were 
heard about Romania more than anywhere else as I recall.)  But then 
what you have in Russia with Putin leaving office [BUT NOT REALLY] 
looks like another example of presidency for life.  And the extreme 
popularity in Russia of a man out to destroy civil liberties and 
castrate the press constrasts rather strongly with the extreme 
unpopularity in America of his counterpart playing the same role 
here.  That suggests that the monarchical atavistic urge is not dead 
in the hearts of the Russian people.  I pray that Bush has killed it 
forever in America.

Maybe it's a universal in any country that killed its royal family or 
fought a revolution to get rid of it.  I remember during my visits to 
France in the 1980s it seemed like the cult of Princess Diana was 
every bit as strong there as in England.  They killed their own 
monarchs so now had to worship someone else's.  In an earlier 
generation one could argue that Grace Kelly channeled some of the 
same energies.


--- In, "Konstantin Zaitzev" 
<kay_ziatz@...> wrote:
> --- In, "kpauljohnson" <kpauljohnson@> 
> wrote:
> > But what evidence is there that John Algeo is any less arrogant
> > or entitled-feeling, or wouldn't hang on to the age of 
> > 110 if given the chance?  None AFAIK.
> At least, from my personal experience of email exchange with thim I 
> can conclude that he isn't arrogant.
> I have to explain that besides of being a F.T.S. I'm also an ULT 
> associate.
> Some time ago ULT began a campaign against his collection of 
> letters which included some dubious letters which by many 
> are regarded not genuine.
> It was proposed to bombard him by emails expressing discontent by 
> editorial policy, and I also wrote to him. Nevertheless, he replied 
> a quite friendly tone and even sent me the first volume of the 
> letters, atter I expressed my considerations why one of the letters 
> cannot be genuine.

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