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Re: Theos-World TS Elections: Message from the International Secretary TS (Adyar)

Jul 07, 2008 08:04 AM
by mkr777

We should be very thankful to Pedro for posting the message. But for the
initiative taken by Pedro, we all would be in the dark (except the elite and
those connected at the highest national levels).

We should welcome Pedro's efforts to keep us informed and motivated. This is
Transparency in action. This communication also shows the decisive and open
way in which the issues referenced in it were addressed and should raise the
confidence members world wide have in the International Administration.

Members, at least in the USA, rarely/never hear about anything that goes out
of GC or relating to GC activities. In addition, since the matter referenced
does not reflect well on the leadership, they have no incentive to tell the
members of the inappropriate things leadership did, thus embarass

My 0.02.

On 7/7/08, prmoliveira <> wrote:
>   (Below is the text of the message which Mary Anderson, International
> Secretary of the TS (Adyar), sent out today to all General
> Secretaries, Regional and Organizing Secretaries, Presidential
> Representatives and Presidents of Lodges attached to Adyar. PO)
> "Communications from the French and other Sections and a Lodge to
> their members
> The Executive Committee members are of the view that the National
> Board of the French Section in issuing their communication dated 29
> March 2008 to their members had acted wrongly and illegally. The
> official body should not have taken a position on the merits or
> demerits of candidates. The National Board of the French Section had
> violated Appendix B of the Rules which states that, apart from the
> voting papers together with the nominators' names and candidates'
> biographical data, `other material concerning the candidates shall not
> be circulated'. Rule 10(e) specifies that the votes should be taken in
> accordance with the instructions in Appendix B.
> Furthermore, the communication of the French Section contained
> incorrect and misleading information concerning the health and
> functioning of one of the candidates, namely Mrs Radha Burnier.
> The Election Committee enclosed with its letter of 18 April 2008
> medical certificates regarding Mrs Burnier's health and asked the
> National Board of the French Section to take immediate action to
> counteract the impression created in its letter of 29 March 2008. The
> National Board of the French Section had refused to do so and had
> justified its stand.
> The Executive Committee was of the view that the action of the
> National Board of the French Section had cast a cloud on this election
> and that such action amounts to election malpractice.
> The Executive Committee also noted that there were communications in
> other Sections and a Lodge, notably the USA, Brazil and Singapore,
> where officers signing or writing in their official capacity had
> indicated preferences for one of the candidates.
> The Executive Committee was of the view that action could be taken to
> countermand the votes from the Sections/Lodge mentioned above and to
> direct repolling after suitable clarification had been sent to their
> members. However, in the larger interest of the Society and taking all
> considerations into account, including the views expressed in the
> meeting of 14 June 2008, the Executive Committee decided by consensus
> not to countermand the votes of the members of any Sections or Lodges.
> The results of the election can thus be declared on 1 July 2008.
> The Executive Committee further resolved to submit a motion to the
> General Council under Rule 10 to make suitable Rules and Regulations
> for the proper conduct of elections, including the prohibition of
> canvassing by official bodies and the procedure for countermanding
> votes in cases of violation of election rules and procedure.
> Executive Committee, TS"

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