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Re: Theos-World TS Election Results - USA

Jul 05, 2008 07:09 AM
by mkr777

You are very perceptive.

When the membership distribution facts are very obvious, I am wondering why
there was an attempt by some of the national leaders to portray Radha as in
poor health and try to elect John who is nearly as old (US life expectancy
is 78.1) and nothing is known about his health condition.


7/4/08, <> wrote:

> Perhaps, not so much malaise as a message to the Patriarchs? I decided not
> to vote because I felt that to vote for either of them would be to vote for
> the demise of our Society at this time. Since Radha is the incumbent anyway,
> and would have gotten most of the Indian and therefore most of the vote
> anyway, she would have remained as president and I would not have to vote
> for a lesser person. Since I am in the US, and was urged to vote for Algeo I
> was in a quandary, so I decided not to cast a vote. I am a
> chicken-theosophist?
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> Subject: Theos-World TS Election Results - USA
> Anton took the trouble of reporting the breakdown of the election results
> so
> that we do not have to wait for the print media to report them. (I wish the
> Section took the initiative to do it.)
> What is surprising is that in USA, less than 50% of eligible members voted
> and this seems to show the general malaise in the country since even in the
> Presidential elections very low percentage of the voters take the trouble
> to
> vote.
> Just wanted to point out the fact.
> U.S.A.
> Eligible Voters - 2,757
> Total Voted - 1,234
> Algeo - 968
> Radha - 253
> Invalid - 13
> Any comments?
> mkr
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