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TS - Elections – Leaders, Where are they?

May 31, 2008 07:00 PM
by mkr777

TS - Elections ? Leaders, Where are they?

Dear Brother/Sister:

Many TS President Nominators have tried to misinform their membership, that
Radha Burnier's mental and physical health is poor, in order to get their
candidate elected. Even after unquestionable fact after fact were openly
presented to the world refuting their claim of poor health, the Nominators
have not corrected their misinformation, and they and their candidate have
been silent. The silence speaks for itself.

In the TS, we have many experienced, highly respected, scholarly, and well
known members who have provided dedicated long years of service to theosophy
and TS. They have written books, scholarly articles, conducted seminars,
lectured nationally and internationally on such classics as At the Feet of
the Master, Voice of Silence, Light on the Path, Mahatma Letters and other
theosophical topics.

Faced with the above situation when some National leaders attempted to
misinform their members with the intent of getting John Algeo elected, even
novice members can see the real truth. It is a pity, that we have seen none
of these well-known, well-respected members come out and call a spade a
spade. Anyone making such a statement may have to pay a price depending on
the final outcome of the election. Is it too much to expect them to take the
risk of paying the price for the sake of Truth? You decide.

M K Ramadoss, Member, San Antonio, Texas, USA


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