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Re: Theos-World Failure of Krishnamurti on the path of occultism

May 29, 2008 07:20 AM
by adelasie


Satyat nasti para dharma

Who can say what rings true to another? All each one can do is try to 
determine what rings true to him. That is all. 

Ultimately it is all true. There is only one Truth. Each separate 
reflection of that Truth is only that, one tiny piece. If that piece 
speaks to you, it does. If it does not, it does not. It may speak to 
another. Who among us is wise enough to determine whether that other 
should find that piece of Truth valuable to him or not? Is it not 
enough that we find some piece of Truth that helps us along the Way? 

How about tolerance? That is a good place to start, wherever we find 


On 28 May 2008 at 14:53, Anand wrote:

> Suppose there is a patient sick with critical illness. Doctor gives
> him medicine and tells him that if he (the patient) takes that
> medicine, he will get cured.
> Now another person comes and tells the patient that if he (patient)
> takes that medicine, the patient will die.
> It is the same situation when we are comparing Theosophy and
> Krishnamurti. Masters and their messengers are giving people medicine
> in the form of guidance on the path of discipleship and tell if you do
> these things you will reach Nirvana. So people are patients, Master is
> a doctor.
> Now third person Krishnamurti comes and tells the patient (people)
> that if the patient takes the medicine offered by the doctor (Master),
> patient will die. So patient does not know what to do. Doctor says
> patient will not die if he takes the medicine and that third person
> tells that patient will die if he takes that medicine.
> Krishnamurti considers following Masters, religions as the cause of
> ignorance. On the cotrary Masters tell that knowledge of path of
> occultism is necessary to remove ignorance about knowledge of the 
> Self.
> In such situation we need to find whose position is supported by
> historical evidence. Historical evidence and testimony tell that
> Masters and the Path exist. Krishnamurti's assertion that Masters and
> religion as cause of ignorance is not supported by historical evidence
> and testimonies.
> Anand Gholap


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