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TS - Election - Radha Burnier's Health - Additional Info

May 28, 2008 08:59 PM
by mkr777

Dear Brother/Sister:

In the electioneering, the key argument advanced by many of the nominators
of John Algeo is the poor mental and physical health of Radha Burnier. We
have seen the doctors' certificates and first hand accounts from individuals
attesting to the mental and physical fitness of Radha Burnier.

It is a pity that till today, none of the nominators who tried to present
erroneous information to their members regarding the health of Radha Burnier
solely to get their nominee elected, have not admitted their error in the
face of incontrovertible facts and nor their nominee has distanced himself
from the erroneous information fed to the members.

Today while browsing in the cyberspace, I came across a report of the
Centenary of Theosophical Order of Service which took place in Adyar on
January 2 and 3 of this year. It reported Radha Burnier addressing the
gathering and as well as the concluding session which clearly indicates
Radha Burnier discharging her duties as the President. The report also
shows John Algeo participating in it. So he witnessed the above function.

I leave it to the readers and members to come to their own conclusions as to
what is going on in the electioneering.

Here are some excerpts. A link to the full reporting is at the bottom.


"The International Centenary Gathering was held at Adyar on January 2nd &
3rd, 2008. Mrs. Radha Burnier, the International President, addressed the
gathering. Mrs. Diana Dunningham Chapotin gave a report of the activities of
the TOS across the globe. Mr.B.L.Bhattacharya added a word of welcome, on
behalf of the Indian TOS, while Mr.P.S.Mital gave a brief report of the
activities of the TOS in India. Greetings were received from many parts of
India and the world. A tribute to Dr. Annie Besant was delivered by Ms.
Dorothy Bell."

"Delegates participated in a special celebratory lunch on 3rd afternoon. Dr.
John Algeo gifted two wheel_chairs on behalf of the TOS, for the use of
physically challenged persons."

"The concluding session of the gathering was a public function held by the
TOS, Chennai Region. Excerpts were read from Sir Edwin Arnold's 'Light of
Asia', Mr.W.Q.Judge's pamphlet on the life of Mme H.P.Blavatsky and Dr.Annie
Besant's The Theosophic Life' The Chief Electoral Officer of the State, Mrs.
Naresh Gupta was the Chief Guest. The speakers included Mr. Naresh Gupta,
Mrs.Radha Burnier, Mrs.Diana Dunningham Chapotin and Mr.C.V.K.Maithreya, who
presided over the function. Lamps were lit by the speakers, representative
of the different faiths and on behalf of the Government, the Press, NGOs,
Industry and also office_bearers of the T.S. and the T.O.S. The function
concluded with a chant for peace by Mrs.Manju Sundaram, followed by a few
moments of silence."


 M K Ramadoss, Member, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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