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Ad Hominem Campaign

May 27, 2008 08:14 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, Jokela Petri <jokelap@...> wrote:

> There was just gossip that Pedro and his wife was paid by Adyar.
> Pedro never replied on behalf his wife so I assume it is true on 
her case.
> Here issue is not the salary, but morality of Pedro´s camapingng 
for his
> and his wife future postition in TS. I think if this all is true it 
> pretty
> bad and makes BIG JOKE even bigger. Though sure I have nothing 
> them going to Adyar.
> It is easy to assume and speculate againts opposite candidate than 
> is suporting by oneself, but being really open and honest is not so 
> Sometimes campaing for someone makes people fed up with all the
> campaining so campaining may turn againts original purpose.
> Annie Besant has been this far only one who had balls enough to
> invite someone to work  with her who was agaínts her.
> Let´s see what kind of heart they have today. Do they kickeveryone 
> or can they still co-operate in spirit of brotherhood.


I have replied to your several questions with consideration. I do not 
speak on behalf of my wife. None of the workers at the National 
Headquarters of the TS in Australia is paid by Adyar. They are either 
volunteers or else paid by The Theososophical Society in Australia. 

You seem bent to attack me and now my wife. This is a discussion list 
and the subject of the TS Presidential elections has attracted 
interest. During the discussions here I have presented information on 
the election process based on facts and I sign every message I post 
with my name. I don't expect people to agree with me. 

Instead of discussing issues I have presented you have chosen to 
repeatedly attack me and question my motives. You have decided to 
ignore the content and possible relevance (or lack of it) of my 
messages and you accuse me of campaigning for my own advantage. 

If you have any questions about the facts I have presented on this 
discussion list I will try to address them. But if you continue with 
your baseless attacks I will ignore them and draw them to the 
attention of the list owner. 

Pedro Oliveira 

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