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Book of Dzyan Re: Helen Zahara

May 27, 2008 08:40 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:

> C.W. Leadbeater wrote " In due course, too, we acquired further
> information about the Stanzas of Dzyan, and the more we learnt about
> them and their unique position the clearer it became to us that
> neither The Voice of the Silence nor any other book could possibly
> have in any real sense the same origin as they (the Stanzas of 
> What it means is the origin of Blavatsky's The Secrete Doctrine is
> not The Book of Dzyan as she claimed. It is strange that Blavatsky
> made a mistake in such a basic thing as origin of her book The
> Secrete Doctrine.

I think that Leadbeater didn't mean anything like that.
In "The Inner Life" he acknowledges the autenticity of Book of Dzyan:

"In the case of `The Book of Dzyan' the comprehension of the symbol is 
enormously assisted by the fact that the book itself is highly 
magnetized in a peculiar way, so that when the student who is 
privileged to see it takes one of the pages in his hand a remarkable 
effect is produced upon him. Before his mind' s eye arises the picture 
of that which the page is intended to symbolize, and simultaneously he 
hears a sort of recitation of the stanza which describes it. It is 
very difficult to put this clearly into words, but the experience is a 
wonderful one. 
I have myself seen and handled the copy which Madame Blavatsky 
describes ? from the study of which she wrote `The Secret Doctrine'. 
That is of course not the original book, but the copy of it which is 
kept in the occult museum which is under the care of the Master K.H. 
The original document is at Shamballa, in the care of the Head of the 
Hierarchy, and is certainly the oldest book in the world. Indeed it 
has been said that part of it (the first six stanzas, I think) is even 
older than the world, for it is said to have been brought over from 
some previous chain. That most ancient part is regarded by some as not 
merely an account of the processes of the coming into existence of a 
system, but rather a kind of manual of directions for such an act of 
creation. Even the copy must be millions of years old."

And the passage you have qhoted should be understood as the Book of 
Dzyan is to be considered as superior to any other book, even "The 
Voice of Silence".

In "Talks on the path of occultism" vol.2 Leadbeater also speaks in 
favour of Tibetan origin of the "Voice of Silence", though mentioned 
that it was written by the disciples who thus summarized the oral 
teachings of the Master.

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