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Re: Theos-World TS - Elvira Carbonell's Letter - Some Comments

May 26, 2008 01:27 PM
by mkr777

This reminds me an incident in late Helen Zahara's life. She was a certified
public/chartered accountant and wanted to work for TS. CJ was the President
and he knew of the pittance TS normally pays for people who work, and work
very long hours -- that is what all dedicated theosophists do.

Because of her education and skills, knowing her potential to make money in
business world, CJ told her to go out in the world and make some money and
come back and work for TS. She took the advise and did so. Unfortunately,
she did not live long after she came back. Most theosophists work for TS
because of their dedication to theosophy and TS and they do not look at it
as a job always looking at the clock!


On 5/26/08, prmoliveira <> wrote:
>   --- In <>, Jokela
> Petri <jokelap@...> wrote:
> So Australian section pays for you?
> > How much?
> Yes, the Australian Section pays my salary. I don't mind disclosing
> what my salary is provided you can make the other 354 members of this
> list to do the same.
> But this much I can say: my 21 year old stepdaughter, who started a new
> job earlier this year, earns more than me.
> Pedro

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