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TS - Elvira Carbonell & her letter to GCs

May 25, 2008 08:23 AM
by mkr777

Dear Brother/Sister:

We all have heard about Elvira Carbonell's e-mail to General Council Members
which cost her job and TS at Adyar losing her services. I feel she was
unjustly used by others for their own reasons.

Does any one know about the current whereabouts of Elvira Carbonell? It
appears that Elvira Carbonell, went to Adyar about 10 years ago to serve TS.
She should be commended in going to Adyar when she was young and not in her
old age after retirement because very few have given their prime of life to

I highly suspect that due Elvira's inexperience in worldly matters, she was
taken advantage of by other (older, streetwise) theosophists operating in
the background (that is what clever politicians do) and who dare not come
out in the open and stand on their own feet and take the heat instead of
using someone else

If anyone has personal access to Elvira, I feel she should be contacted to
find out what went on in the background so that we all know who did what and
when, that resulted in her sending the e-mail to GCs that resulted in her
losing the position of Assistant to International Secretary and perhaps her
residence in Adyar as well.

M K Ramadoss


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