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Re: Theos-World Attention Leon

May 25, 2008 00:12 AM
by Cass Silva

It is so nice having you there, can I call you Lenny?  I have had a couple of scotches and feeling warm and cuddly.  I will check out what he has to say when I am back to that other state of consciousness.  

Leon Maurer <> wrote:
          Thanks Cass,

I have been in correspondence with ('saint') Peter Mutnick -- since 
we first met on the online scientific forums studying consciousness 
as far back as the mid 90's. He has a very brilliant mind, a 
gigantic ego, is a well educated physicist (gone a bit bonkers since 
his hippy days;-). But, seems to have no disagreement with the 
fundamental tenets of theosophy. We've always been more or less in 
agreement from a spiritual point of view, although we've argued 
also... Since he is too wrapped up in the quantum physics world, and 
sometimes he gets blinded by their incomprehensible (to me, at least) 
mathematical logic -- that really doesn't explain anything related to 
consciousness and mind. He also goes too far in his Christian God 
and returning Christ-Messiah correlations (he's a converted kabbala 
educated Jew) to suit my taste. Recently, he finally gave up 
fighting my ABC theory (since it argued against some of the basic 
assumptions of conventional quantum theory that Einstein also 
disagreed with) and admitted that my fractal field model of 
cosmogenesis might be correct. To confirm this, he made up a drawing 
of a chakra meditator using my field diagrams. See:
Although I changed his MHCHAEL-GABRIEL to THOTH-HERMES ;-) And also 
switched around some of his chakra-field designations in the right 
column to fit closer with the SD teachings. (The center and left 
columns were left unchanged)

Much of his web site is involved in discussions with physicists, and 
could be a bit deep for most theosophists. Much of it is worth 
reading, however, if you're interested in the implicate-explicate 
order physics and philosophy of David Bohm (who taught the Dalai 
Lama) and Alfred North Whitehead. The problem though, is that 
Mutnick fails to correlate these ideas with the "holographic 
paradigm" that Bohm cooked up with Karl H. Pribram -- which the ABC 
fractal field model fully underlies and confirms -- without any 
obscure mathematics, of course.

Warm regards,


On May 24, 2008, at 5/24/089:55 AM, Cass Silva wrote:

> Hi Leon,
> Found this while browsing the Net. He mentions your name.
> Cass
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