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TS - Elvira Carbonell's Letter - Some Comments

May 24, 2008 08:17 AM
by mkr777

May 24, 2008

We have discussed, in the past, about Elvira Carbonell's e-mailed letter
received by many GC members on December 19, 2007. The message can be seen
using the link at the bottom.

Elvira Carbonell was assistant to the International Secretary, Mary Anderson
as such was occupying a position where she obviously handled a lot of highly
sensitive and confidential information.

When the Nomination Papers were mailed out or personally hand delivered to
GC members in Adyar on, December 18, 2007, I do not think this information
was posted on the Adyar Notice Board or on the website. So, it was not
public information on that date.

When Carbonell sent the email, she should have known that she had access to
the information only because of her position as assistant to the
International Secretary. However good her motivations may be, she should
have refrained from using that information and sending the e-mail and
considered about the consequences as anything put in writing will ultimately
come out and bite you back.

At first look at the text of the e-mail, I was very impressed with the
diction, style and punctuation. It showed mastery of English language not
normally seen. So it is highly likely she had help from one or more people
who are experts at usage of English language.

She also mentions that "several of us at Adyar feel the need to write to
members of the General Council" and she presents herself to be the
spokesperson to those she was referring to.

So we do not know, if it was her idea to send the email to GC members or
others may have used her. More than likely, she was conveniently used by
"several of us" as these "several of us" did not have the courage to come
into the open stand up for what they believe.

Later in the letter she mentions about Algeo having been contacted and his
consent to accept the nomination. So, planning on behalf of Algeo may have
been going on long before the nomination papers were mailed out.

Elvira also signs the letter "Ms. Elvira Carbonell, Theosophical Society,
Adyar, India" and one can be led to the impression that she is not writing
from her home. Also we do not know if she used the e-mail and computer
facilities of the TS HQ.

When anyone in a highly sensitive or important position is seen to violate
the confidentiality, it is not uncommon that the person is terminated on the
spot and asked to leave immediately. This is the normal practice in the USA
and she being from USA should have known about it. In businesses, I have
seen cases of persons called to the President's office and terminated on the
spot and not even allowed to go back to their office to retrieve their
personal belongings. So if she is no longer at Adyar, it should surprise no

I believe she was exploited by the undisclosed "several of us" and she paid
the price. I hope some day, Elvira may tell us the whole story and we will
then know the real players who pulled the strings at the expense of Elvira.

If anyone has any more information, we would like to hear.

M K Ramadoss, Member, San Antonio, Texas, USA


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