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Re: Theos-World Re: Independent Inquiry into the TS International Election

May 22, 2008 07:39 PM
by MKR

All the discussions that have taken place on theos-talk, is not against any

It all got started when Radha's health issue was brought up by the National
Secretaries in their communication to their members, to influence members to
vote for John Algeo. The issue of Radha's poor health was put to rest with
the doctors' certificates and first hand reports of reputed members of TS.

When this was done, no one took action to pass on correct information to the
members. Those who in the first place fed erroneous information to the
members have a responsibility of correcting the misinformation when
subsequent factual information contradicted it. Nor John Algeo distanced
himself from the misinformation.

Unfortunately, we also need to recognize the fact that many members do not
have access to Internet and even many of those who do, may not know where
the election information is available on the Internet. As a result, even
today many are still under the mistaken information that Radha Burnier is
sick and many may have voted for Algeo because of this.

This leads to another more critical fundamental issue. It raises the
question how we can trust the national leaders in the future in anything
they say. In the past, some national leaders have lost their positions
because of human errors due to normal human temptations. The effects of such
human errors were local and short-term. Presenting erroneous information
motivated with the object of getting their candidate elected to the
International office, is far more serious. It is not a human failure due to
human temptation. The effects on the TS are world wide and long-lasting. So
members cannot ignore it and get on with our lives.

You are right that we should make sure the French letter is genuine. Some
weeks ago, I sent a message to Nano Leguay, the French General
Secretary, requesting her to send me a correct English translation of the
French letter sent to their members. To this day, I have not heard from her.
So you can draw your own conclusion about her non-response.

This is where the matter stands. All the general secretaries involved and
John Algeo, have been silent. So again, you have to come to your own

M K Ramadoss


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On 5/22/08, Konstantin Zaitzev <> wrote:
> --- In <>,
> "prmoliveira" <prmoliveira@...>
> wrote:
> > True. Rule 10 explains the procedure for the election as such. As
> > there was a letter, dated 29 March 2008, from the Board of the
> > French Section to all the TS members in that country saying, among
> > other things, that Radha Burnier had "brain damage"
> Campaining against Algeo, which is going on almost for two months, is
> not the best way to fix the problem.
> The best decision would be to make sure that the letter is genuine,
> and if so, to discuss the behaviour of French GS on the General
> Council.

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