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Re: Theos-World Indian Way - Brahmin

May 22, 2008 11:11 AM
by MKR

Dear Jayananda:

Here is the link.


On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 12:54 PM, Jayananda Hiranandani <> wrote:

>   Dear MKR:
> This is an excellent story.
> Would you kindly, give the exact source from Krishnaji's works for this
> story?
> Unfortunately, today in India the situation is far from what prevailed at
> that time. This needs no elaboration.
> Thanking you,
> Yours fraternally,
> Jayananda H. Hiranandani
> MKR < <>> wrote:
> Here is a very interesting story:
> mkr
> ===xxx===
> When Alexander invaded India and fought with Porus, he won. When he entered
> the state, he saw excellent administration, the whole of the land was tidy,
> clean and well maintained, people were living happily. So he asked Porus,
> Who was responsible for your administration?' Porus replied: `There was a
> brahmin prime minister, who was responsible for all this administration.'
> Alexander said, `I would like to talk to him.' Porus answered, `He resigned
> because we lost the war, and has gone to his village.' Alexander responded,
> `Call him, nevertheless.' So they sent a messenger who came back the next
> day with the response, `Tell the king I am no longer in his service. A
> brahmin does not go to anyone, therefore I am sorry that I cannot come.' As
> this was narrated, Alexander said, `All right, I will go to his village.'
> Alexander was taken to the village, where the brahmin was seated under a
> tree teaching two children. When Alexander was announced, the man looked up
> and said, `Is there something I can do for you?' Alexander asked, `Are you
> the man who was the prime minister?' and the answer came, `Yes'; Alexander
> then said, `you ran an excellent administration,' and the man responded,
> `Thank you'. So Alexander asked him `Will you come with me? I will take you
> to Greece, give you a palace, make you the head of all our armies. Come
> with
> me!' the man considered this, looked up at Alexander, and replied, `Sorry,
> I
> want teach these children.' Krishnaji then said, `That's a brahmin --
> somebody you can't buy, somebody who doesn't work for a reward. He did what
> was right for a brahmin to do: he ran as good an administration as he
> could.
> When he lost the war he took responsibility for the defeat and resigned,
> which is the right thing for the brahmins to do. When he was in the
> village,
> he did what he wanted to do, not in subservience to the king, or looking
> for
> some more rewarding job to do. That is the quality of the brahmin.'
> ===xxx===
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