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Re: Independent Inquiry into the TS Election

May 21, 2008 12:15 PM
by Anand

As I said earlier, because of my own reasons, I am not supporting or
rejecting any candidate in this election. However I am making analysis
of statements made by different people in this election. 

> Documentary evidence showed that a supporter of John Algeo, Elvira 
> Carbonell, who was working at the Secretary's Office at Adyar last 
> December, compromised and tainted the nomination process by writing 
> directly to General Council members, on 19 December 2007, to inform 
> them that John Algeo had decided to accept nominations.

This view is not right in my opinion. Anybody who is willing to accept
nominations can inform anybody at any time that he would be accepting
nominations in next election. So I don't think nomination process is
tainted due to above reason.

> At least in France and in the US, voting took place under massive 
> canvassing by the respective General Secretaries who blatantly 
> favoured John Algeo as a candidate and  who depicted Radha Burnier, 
> President of the Theosophical Society, as being in a state nearing 
> mental decrepitude. 

Who told you that canvassing for a candidate is wrong in democracy ?
It is everybody's right to tell others why he supports certain
candidate in the election and why he is rejecting certain candidate.

>There is no evidence whatsoever that either 
> General Secretary distributed to the members in their Sections copies 
> of the medical certificates issued by two doctors in India attesting 
> to the President's recovery.

It is not compulsory that General Secretaries should distribute
medical certificates of Radha to members. Tell me under which rule it
is necessary.

> Voting will close in most Sections at the end of this month or, at 
> the latest, in the beginning of June. I have been approached by a 
> leading member of the American Section to help in healing the present 
> divisions within the Society. After considering her letter carefully, 
> I have come to the conclusion that the only effective healing that 
> can take place now is for the General Council of the TS or the 
> international Executive Committee to conduct an independent inquiry 
> into the election process as a whole, which includes the nomination 
> process. 

Responsibility of conducting fair election and to manage all related
things properly is chiefly of President and his/her administration.
Now, if you are saying election process is not carried out properly,
it is indirectly admitting that Radha and her administration has
failed to conduct the fair election.

Anand Gholap M.B.A.

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