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Re: Two Presidents (I)

May 21, 2008 10:39 AM
by univ7x7

Dear Pedro,

H.P.B. wrote:
". . . and then I learned that I was once more wanted in India - at 
any rate by some.  But the invitation came too late; neither would my 
doctor permit it, nor can I, if I would be true to my life-pledge and 
vows, now live at the Headquarters from which the Masters and Their 
spirit are virtually banished.  The presence of Their portraits will 
not help; They are a dead letter.  The truth is that I can never 
return to India in any other capacity than as Their faithful agent. 
And as, unless They appear among the Council *in propria persona* 
(which They will certainly never do now), no advice of mine on occult 
lines seems likely to be accepted . . ." ("Why I do Not Return to 
India", Collected Writings, volume XII: pages, 164-165)

Don't you think that Annie Besant's take on H.P.B's views of Adyar 
runs counter to what H.P.B. herself is writing above?

Best regards

> [A number of those who wrote about the history of TS (Adyar) during 
> Annie Besant's presidency (1907-1933) have said that she was 
> senile from 1925 onwards, if not before. I reproduce below excerpts 
> of her Presidential Address delivered in Varanasi, India, December 
> 1930, during the TS international Convention, shortly three years 
> before she passed away. They give an idea of what was occupying her 
> mind when she was 83 years old. PO]
> . . . In connection with the things for which she [H.P.Blavatsky]
wished, there is one of 
> which she seldom speak, but I should like to suggest it to you. It 
> about Adyar, the place which was some years earlier chosen by the 
> Masters for the Centre, to which They sent her, that she might live 
> there for some time and create an atmosphere which would make it 
> for it to receive Their influence, or any spiritual influence which 
> was sent. She loved Adyar deeply. That is one reason which is 
> in the minds of many of us, as to the value of Adyar; and another 
> that there is a direct communication between Adyar and the place 
> will be familiar to all of you who are Hindus, as a spot of special 
> sanctity, Shamballa, the great City which was once on the "White 
> Island". She always seemed to bear in mind the method by which she 
> could prepare a place in which people, coming to it for a short 
> would receive real help in the spiritual life. And so she dwelt, at 
> her Master's wish, in Adyar for some considerable time, in order 
> that place might become consecrated to Their service, and inspire 
> who came to it with the desire to draw nearer to Them." 
> Pedro

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