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TS - Election - Some Questions

May 21, 2008 04:55 AM
by MKR

May 21, 2008

Dear Brother/Sister:

I want to thank many brothers and sisters who have given me feedback on
various election issues and all of them were helpful and encouraging.

Some were wondering about the items going beyond what we were told by
national theosophical leaders about the poor health of Radha Burnier which
was challenged by many first hand accounts and the certificates of three
medical doctors. In the light of the continued silence of the national
leaders and John Algeo, all aspects of the election process are rightfully
the concern of members of TS, because the election is based on democratic
principles, and requires full transparency.

In the past, all the deliberations of GC and election matters were totally
opaque to the rank and file dues paying members. The national leaders did
not keep their members informed of the policies, changes to policies and
decisions in a transparent way. It was done in what I will call ? Trust me,
we know what is good for TS/Theosophy.

Now, with what has happened in the electioneering, that trust has been
shattered. With the trust broken, we do not know if all the procedures at
the national and international level are meticulously adhered to. Are there
any other misleading or erroneous information being fed to the members in
other matters of interest? Are there any other important information being
withheld from members? We do not know and we are all the dark.

This next leads to the question, to what extent, the members should trust
their national leaders and what are the long term consequences to the morale
and enthusiasm of the members in theosophical work. What is the price the
national leaders have to pay in their misguided effort to present Radha
Burnier as sick, motivated by their interest to get John Algeo elected?
Business as usual is going to be difficult, in the changed environment.

This is an important aspect because, in the interests of TS, in the past,
leaders have lost their jobs for human errors arising from traditional human
frailties even though these failures/errors were local in nature and not
long-lasting. Election affects TS world-wide and its effects are more likely
to be long-lasting and serious.
I had also raised the question, whether at the early nomination stage, when
some of the nominators decided to nominate John Algeo, did any of them or
John Algeo touch base with Radha Burnier, even though everyone is within
their right to nominate anyone and don't have to tell anyone.

We all know that all the GC members have known Radha Burnier and each other
for a long time and they all have worked like a family. In some cases,
perhaps much more closely than their own families. In such a relationship,
it is normal to ask if Algeo's nomination was informally discussed with her
to avoid surprises. In personal and business matters, no one wants
surprises. Though, this question may be touchy one for some, as an ordinary
member and one who has not had the privilege of working at the top TS
levels, it is a very simple one. The members can make their own judgement.

Since the current election has very far reaching consequences for TS, all of
us should ask all questions without fear or favor. Let us use Internet,
which is quick and free.

Transparency and Truth never hurts.

Fraternally yours,

M K Ramadoss

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