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Failure of Krishnamurti on the path of occultism

May 19, 2008 01:46 AM
by Anand

In Govert's article there are these passages.
"This happened a few days before December 28, when the first
overshadowing of Krishnamurti by the Lord Maitreya occurred. A part of
the message reads:
"A second half-century of fine promise lies before you. We say to you:
You have the power to do more in the immediate future than any other
body of men and women has ever achieved before. We say to you: Within
this next half century you can make Brotherhood a living reality in
the world. You can cause the warring classes, castes, and nations to
cease their quarreling, the warring faiths to live once more in
brotherhood, respect and understanding. Make Theosophy a living force
in your lives, and through your example those class and caste
distinctions, which for so long have bred hatred and misery, shall at
no distant time come to be but distinctions of function in the common
service of the nation-family and of the World-Brotherhood? ."

Lord Maitreya says "Make Theosophy a living force in your lives",
implying praise of Theosophy and TS.
 If Lord Maitreya was with Krishnamurti later, he would not have said
through Krishnamurti that Theosophy was poison. Lord Maitreya
appreciated Theosophy and TS. If you see views of Krishnamurti, you
find that he was against Theosophy and TS ideas of Masters, evolution,
path of occultism. It becomes clear from above that Lord Maitreya
abandoned Krishnamurti when he found Krishnamurti could not be used
anymore for giving out teaching.
Anand Gholap

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