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Re: Theos-World TS - Election - Algeo & his Nominators' Silence

May 18, 2008 04:05 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Nowadays many people use wheelchairs who would not normally do so because it speeds up the process of boarding and customs. Even people who are not infirm can be seen using them because they are wise to the ways of travel. I suspect such may be the case with our current President.


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Subject: Re: Theos-World TS - Election - Algeo & his Nominators' Silence

I am told that Radha was on wheelchair when she arrived to Helsinki airport.
But still I saw her standing on her own legs in Congress.
Maybe Gautama could comment on about this - is it true or not and if it 
is true, why so?

MKR kirjoitti:
> May 18, 2008
> Dear Brother:
> I just saw Bhupendra R. Vora's the letter copied below. He is the past
> General Secretary of East & Central African Section and is a highly 
> reputed
> long time theosophist. The letter speaks for itself.
> In the election, Radha Burnier's health has been made the key issue due to
> the erroneous misrepresentation by many of the nominators of John 
> Algeo. Let
> us look at the facts.
> Radha Burnier had a stroke in November 2006. In February 2007, John Algeo
> wrote to General Secretaries and others that she is doing well. Then, 
> on the
> eve of election, when the ballots are to be sent to members in April 2008,
> suddenly, many of his nominators (more or less looking like an 
> orchestrated
> effort) told/wrote their members that Radha Burnier is mentally and
> physically sick and hence they should vote for John Algeo.
> Soon two well-known, highly reputed doctors certified that Radha 
> Burnier is
> mentally and physically fit. Questions were raised about the specialty and
> competence of these doctors. Then Dr. Dusan Zagar, neurologist and
> psychiatrist and Solvenia GS issued a detailed confirmation of her good
> health based on his first hand examination and review when he was in Adyar
> in December 2007. There are also couple of letters from theosophists who
> have personally met and interacted her, confirming her good health. Two
> weeks ago, a theosophist from Pune, India who was personally present 
> at two
> talks given by Radha Burnier and who personally talked to her, 
> confirmed her
> good health. Now comes Vora's letter.
> All of the above overwhelmingly indicates that, what the nominators told
> their members are at the least erroneous and at the worst deliberate
> misrepresentation simply to get their members to vote for John Algeo. Even
> after they are presented with the above indisputable facts, they have been
> silent and have not retracted/corrected their statements to their members.
> Nor John Algeo has distanced himself from them and issued any clarifying
> statements. Correcting errors are common in elections. Allowing wrong or
> erroneous information to continue, just reflects on the nominators and 
> John
> Algeo.
> In the past, TS National Leaders have lost their jobs just for errors 
> due to
> traditional human failings. (Ask long term members, they will tell 
> you). The
> present situation misleading the members and thus interfering with an fair
> election process in International Election, is lot more serious with
> long-term negative world-wide consequences for the Theosophical 
> Society and
> Theosophy.
> Fraternally yours,
> M K Ramadoss, Member, TS, San Antonio, Texas, USA
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> Date: Thu, 15th May 2008
> To: All Theosophists
> Dear Sirs/Madames,
> Re. TS Elections
> I am a former General Secretary Of The Theosophical Society in East And
> Central Africa. During the European Congress held at Helsinki in July last
> year my wife and I were delegates. We met Mrs. Radha Burnier and had 
> lengthy
> discussions with her on Theosophical work and her health. She was very
> candid about her health. Not only was she totally focused about everything
> we discussed but showed the same deep commitment and concern towards The
> Theosophical Society and the work all around the world. In no way did 
> I see
> any disability reflected in her.
> Mrs. Radha Burnier has devoted her life to the cause of Theosophy. I was
> therefore very saddened to see the various E-mails being sent around
> questioning her fitness and pre-empting the electoral process. Madame
> Blavatsky gave us the Golden Stairs to live by. But it is sad to note that
> prominent Theosophists have scuttled the ethical principles by which
> Theosophists are expected to live and set an example to the world. Even
> after certification by prominent Doctors that she is fit and able to carry
> out her responsibilities and the opinion of a fellow Theosophist and 
> member
> of the medical fraternity Dr. Dusan Zagar the people who spread the
> misinformation are silent and unwilling to correct the misinformation and
> advise members of their Section about these medical opinions. How can the
> electoral process be considered fair and ethical when members were 
> asked to
> vote for a candidate even before the ballot papers were sent and members
> influenced.
> Theosophists need to do a lot of soul searching. The future of the Society
> depends on the action we take now to correct the flawed electoral process.
> This is an earnest appeal to those who are partisan to step aside. Do we
> have a right to the Divine Wisdom when the fundamentals of ethical
> principles are not applied in our work?
> The Golden Stairs require the earnest seeker to bravely declare his/her
> principles and defend those who are unjustly attacked .
> Let members do this.
> Yours in Brotherhood
> Bhupendra R. Vora.
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