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TS President -- Chief Requisites

May 17, 2008 06:13 AM
by MKR

There have been some discussions about what kind of abilities are needed to
be an effective International President. TS has a very unique mission in the
world. HPB, in one of her comments about HSO, highlighted this issue.
I think, even today, her comments are very relevant. Here are HPB's views:

"And this is only natural: for, cleverer in administrative capacities, more
learned in philosophy, subtler in casuistry, in metaphysics or daily life
policy, there may be many around him; but the whole globe may be searched
through and through and no one found stauncher to his friends, truer to his
word, or more devoted to real, practical theosophy--than the
President-Founder; and these are the chief requisites in a leader of such a
movement--one that aims to become a Brotherhood of men."

For us who are brought up in western world, we tend to think that
organizations should be led by a leader who will fit the traditional mould
of a leader -- clever  (possibly cunning), administrative experience and
abilities, scholarly, etc., the above statement should come as a surprise.
Her emphasis, is on personal qualities and not the worldly qualities. This
is something to think about.


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