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Re: Sense of Humour and the Path

May 15, 2008 04:36 PM
by prmoliveira

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> "A man without a sense of humor would certainly not make progress 
along occult lines; it is a very necessary quality indeed."

(From The Theosophist, June 1935) 

The following item, hitherto unpublished, was written by Bishop 
Leadbeater from The Manor, Sydney, on May 18, 1932: "There is an item 
of news in this morning's paper which so unusual that I think it is 
worth quoting. It seems that a man living near Daintree [Queensland, 
Australia] was out shooting in the bush one day last week, and fired 
at a cockatoo. He wounded the poor bird and brought it down to earth, 
where it lay struggling. He rushed forward and put his riffle butt on 
the bird to hold it down; the frantic creature's claws caught in the 
trigger, the gun went off and shot the man! Unfortunately millions of 
men have shot birds, but I should think this is probably the first 
time in history when the bird returned the fire and killed the man. 
They managed to carry him to the hospital, but he died shortly after 
admission. What becomes of the bird is not stated. A very curious 
instance of what Mr. Sinnett used to call `Ready-money Karma', though 
the jury will have to call it accidental death."


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