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Re: TS Membership Trend

May 14, 2008 11:56 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:

> What happens to people where National Section itself is not allowed 
> form. For example in Russia and by inference in many other countries
> lodges don't exist because they are not allowed from Adyar. From
> Konstantin you can get modus operandi of how it works. And by
> inference one can guess that same happens in case of many other
> countries. 
> There are around 220 countries in the world. Out of that, sections 
> TS are formed only in 60 countries (and these also have negligible
> presence) Do people in remaining 160 countries don't have souls 
> require guidance in their evolution ?
>  Does TS think that by following Krishnamurti's method people can
> simply keep looking at their own stupid thoughths and attain 
salvation ?

Do you actually listen to yourself when you write such things? For 
example, can you provide any evidence whatsoever that the TS, as a 
whole, is following Krishnamurti? Are you able to see the aberration 
of such a point of view? Why don't you use your digital acumen and 
conduct a poll world wide to see how many TS members follow 
Krishnamurti? If you continue with such insulting sweeping statements 
you will certainly cease to have me as a listener.

> In Russia becoming member of TS itself was almost impossible, 
> a lodge has not happened despite tens of thousands of books are 
> read with interest by people.

Why don't write to the Chairman of the European Federation, Mis Tran-
Thi-Kim-Dieu? She is also a member of the General Council of the TS. 
Her email address is displayed on a number of websites. Russia does 
come under the regional area of that Federation.

> Normally ES officers control lodges. And E.S. officers do what Outer
> Head of ES tells them to do. That give ES head much control of 
> everything that happens in TS. 

Under the TS Rules, Lodges are administered by ELECTED officers and 
the TS does not discriminate regarding affiliation to any school of 
thought. In one sweeping statement you have insulted thousands of 
Lodge officers world wide who have been ELECTED to work for the TS 
through their Lodges. 

> >  Any seven Fellows may apply to be chartered as a Lodge (Branch). 
> > a country where no National Society exists the application must 
> > forwarded to the President of the Society through the Secretary."
> Practically it does not happen so. For example in Russia anybody who
> wanted to become member or had interest in forming the lodge, was
> directed to Presidential Representative appointed by PTS. And this
> Presidential Representative did what PTS wanted him/her to do. 
> is there are neither members nor lodges in Russia. Russia is one
> example same procedure is most probably used in many other 

I am sure Miss Kim Dieu will be happy to correspond with you on this 
matter. She has visited Russia several times in the past.



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