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Theos-World Re: President Anand Gholap

May 14, 2008 04:41 AM
by Anand

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Hi, you have made my day.
> Finally someone is giving us first hand information, which is very
> in the maze of info we have seen in the past several weeks.
> mkr

> On 5/13/08, Anand <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> >
> >   When last time Radha had come here, she talked for around 5-6 hours
> > every day.

There are many important considerations which should be taken into
account while deciding the fitness of the candidate. When a person
i.e. Radha Burnier first became President of TS, what was the
membership of TS ? Did membership of TS increase or decrease during
her tenure ? Did lodges increase under her administration or decrease
? These factors must be studied before deciding whether she should be
elected again or not. Similarly what happened during John Algeo's
Presidentship of American TS ? Did membership and lodges increase
under her administration ? So apart from health there are many
important things which we need to take into account. Also we need to
see whether they published out of print books or not. So members need
to systematically study performance of the candidates when they were
in office.
Anand Gholap

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