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TS Elections - Algeo's Plans?

May 13, 2008 07:32 AM
by MKR

May 13, 2008

Dear Brother:

We have been discussing a lot about Radha Burnier's health. Very little
attention has been paid to two other very important key issues. One is
residence of the President at Adyar and second is Algeo's wife's health.

In Radha Burnier's letter, see link below, she stated:

"Dr. Algeo who is around 78, does not like the climate here, nor can he
leave the United States for more than a short time, in view of his wife's
condition. I believe that if elected he intends to work largely from America
through e-mail and video conversations."

We need to thank Radha Burnier for the letter. But for it, all of us would
be in total darkness on these critical issues, because no one including John
Algeo has explicitly addressed them. Nor any of his supporting Secretaries
have touched on them.

This letter has been circulated far and wide. As an ordinary member, I was
expecting a very simple and forthright refutal from John Algeo or one of his
supporters if any part of the above statement is not true. We waited and
waited and waited. All we have seen is silence.

So, the only conclusion we can reach is that, if elected, he is NOT planning
to reside in Adyar and is planning to discharge his duties as International
President from the USA, perhaps from his home in Athens, Georgia, USA.

Secondly, due to his wife's health, he will not be able to be away from home
for more than a short time. Simply translated, he may be stuck at his home.
Anyone who has to take care of a sick spouse can understand this very well.
After all "Duty" has highest priority in life.

There are several concerns, which I am sure many of you will share. We want
theosophists, especially one who aspire to occupy the highest position, be
fully transparent and forthright on such basic issues, because it affects
the future of TS. TRUTH never hurts.

So far John Algeo or his supporters have not refuted Radha Burnier's
statement. So one has to logically reach the conclusion that is what he is
planning to do, even though later he may claim he never committed he is
going live in Adyar.

I live in the USA, and even here, in spite of today's communication
technology, businesses have not succeeded in remote operation. While on
paper, it looks great, in real life it is not. Ask any businessman or woman
who owns a business. They will tell you their hands-on presence is critical.
Business leaders have always lived at the Headquarters. It is important to
note this, because these owners will be personally ruined if they try to
remotely run their business. They are dealing with something they own and

When such is the case with businesses, with Theosophical Society, we are
dealing with an organization built at tremendous odds, by untold sacrifices
of many who gave their prime of lives to build TS. All you have to do is to
read the history of TS.

And the plan discussed above, may WRECK TS.

I want all the members to ponder over the above matter and come to their own

Fraternally yours,

M K Ramadoss

Member, TS, San Antonio, Texas, USA

PS: The full letter is at:

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