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TS Election - French Circular Issue

May 12, 2008 03:56 PM
by MKR

Dear Brother/Sister:

In a circular letter dated March 29, 08 sent to French Members, the French
Board told them of the poor health of Radha Burnier and hence they wanted
John Algeo elected. Subsequent certificates by two doctors, refuted that
stand in that they found Radha Burnier mentally and physically fit. The
Election Committee, wrote to the French Section highlighting the
inaccuracies in the French Circular, and wanting them to correct them.

Since they could not find any other reason not to re-elect Radha Burnier,
allegation of poor health was "the" basis of trying to influence the
election in favor of John Algeo. For any allegation, you do not have to have
any proof. Just allege and that is it.

Naively, the French Board thought that by sending the circular by postal
mail, no one would find out about their effort to tilt the election in favor
of John Algeo. But they were wrong. The letter found its way to Internet.
Since it was found on Internet, members all over world had a chance to read
it, and perhaps it was a surprise because they have never seen anything like
this before in their tradition of keeping things secret. Hence, it appears
that the only defensible defense was to blame it on translation by saying
that English translation had misleading mistakes.

In the above circumstances, I was curious to find out what the real truth
is. So I wanted to get correct translated document from the horse's mouth
and I sent a e-mail about a week ago to Nano Leguay, the French National
Secretary requesting her to send me a copy.

To this day, I have not heard from her. Everyone in the higher leadership
positions normally correspond via e-mail and not by postal mail. So, if Nano
wanted to respond, she knows how to send a e-mail to me or to this list.

The lack of response is very telling. Either they do not care to deal with
other members of TS or they do not have a legitimate defense or they hope
with passage of time, the election will be final and the issue will be

I just wanted you all to have a flavor of how things are handled at top
levels of TS administration. In such an atmosphere, is it any wonder that
the membership is bleeding with a steep drop we have seen world over except
in India.

M K Ramadoss
Member, TS, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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