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TS Elections

May 11, 2008 04:34 PM
by MKR

Here is the full msg, which contains Barnum's msg and response from


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Date: May 11, 2008 6:30 PM
Subject: Fwd: Greetingd

Are All One----Love Is What It Feels Like----Compassion Is What It Acts

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Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 19:04:03 -0400
Subject: Greetingd

Dear Bro. Barnum;

Thank You for sharing you thoughts. They are well thought out and
articulated.  There is no disagreement about the excellent skills of Dr.
John Algeo.  The CRUX of the current issue
is the devious method employed to promote
his election.

Betty Bland certainly has the right to express her personal opinion.
However she also has a
moral obligation to present the membership with Accurate unedited
information regarding Both candidates, which she did Not do.
Vital information regarding Radha Burnier was intentioally withheld in
order to promote her own agenda.  I don't think that any fair minded
person would consider this to be "Fair Play."

Many consider this a serious breach of Integrity. How can we as Students
of Truth
rely on someone who uses expedient devious methods to promote her own
agenda for Spiritual, Moral or Inspirational guidance?????

As Theosophists we all enjoy and defend diversity of opinion, thought
and freedom of conscience, but also I think that we ALL
strive for and expect a Higher Level of Ethical
Conduct, isn't this what the Teachings promote,
Especially from our Leadership.

Whom Can We Trust?

Respectfully & Fraternally
William Delahunt
Orlando, Forida
Member since 1969


Are All One----Love Is What It Feels Like----Compassion Is What It Acts

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From: DJBarnum@ <DJBarnum@To>....
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 16:00:51 EDT
Subject: TS International Elections

 My name is Dean Barnum, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  My wife and I are long time
TSA members.

I have received a number of very interesting emails, primarily about how the
American section nominated John Algeo for International President.

I have a different opinion and wish to express it here.  I will be sending
this same email, as a reply, to the emails I received.

As far as I understand, the TS is a deist secular organization, with Three
Declared Objects and a foundation of The Three Fundamental Propositions.
With this I will present an analogy.

We are hungry so we decide to make a theosophical vegetarian stew.  Into a
large iron pot we add the chewy and delectable stock I will call the Secret
Doctrine.  To this stock we add fragrant and tasty spices, that TS members
have provided from around the world.  Finally we add a pinch of Gandhi and a
secret spice that some will like but others not.  The name of this spice was
coined by T. H Huxley. a nineteenth century English biologist, educator, and
advocate of agnosticism.  The name of this spice is, of course, agnosticism

This stew will be of limited quality until it has been cooked so we add fuel
to heat the pot.  Occasionally the stew will boil over.  The fire tenders
will add more fuel, hoping to keep the fire going.  Maybe he or she will not
be successful.  We are hungry so we may have to accept the stew as it is.

I "suggest" that the stew is the deist part of the TS and the fuel and the
fire tenders are the TS secular leadership, from the smallest group, each
national organization, to the world body.

I believe the TS must keep the deist and secular potions separate, yet work
together, to maintain a viable organization.

>From all the emails I have received, I determine that a number of you would
like to turn the TS into a theist organization with a demigod as the
permanent leader and have thus eliminating the secular portion of the
organization.  This would be like adding burning fuel to the pot of stew and
expect it to still burn and heat the stew.  Please forgive me if I am wrong.

I believe what Betty Bland, of the American Section, acting in her secular
capacity, was obligated to recommend, at any time, any person she felt would
make a worthy candidate for the "office" of International President of the
TS.  She accordingly must notify every member in the American Section, about
her choice, soon after her nomination.  Some of you thought what Betty did
was electioneering.  This may be a perfect description.

I believe Betty made an excellent choice when she recommended John Algeo for
the International President of the TS.  Radha has been an excellent
president for many years.  However, John may be the first candidate that can
bring the TS into the twenty first century.  I believe that Radha has been
the  International President long enough, good health or bad.

I know John and Adele. They are both brilliant, very strong willed, and
arrogant.  John will dot an I with perfection and with a perfect circle.
John is a fine speaker, well organized and VERY proper.  The characteristics
I presented would make him an EXCELLENT "TS International President".

I am glad the ballot gives us two choices.

My wife and I have been members of the TSA about 40 years. The drive and
thought behind the TS is great.  It is just that it doesn't seem to have
modernized since maybe 1950.  For example, I believe the TS almost worships
old and ancient documents, and notable members, but really has had nothing
new to say for a long time.  My wife and I have attended a number of the
Summer Conferences, and have been on the staff for a few of them.  We
finally stopped going because it got so I could tell what they were going to
say and there appeared to be no new blood wanted or desired for
presentations.  I believe John can change this.

Thanks for sending me the interesting emails and allowing me to voice my
thoughts.  This email will be going to all the TS world I could find, via
the courtesy of a fellow theosophist.

_/\_   Dean Barnum
Proud to be a Fellow Theosophist


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