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Re: Theos-World Presidential Election - Purucker's remarks

May 11, 2008 11:54 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

In other words, I want Theosophy in the United States to be pure, unadulterate, so that the Theosophical Society faithfully imbodying and teaching this genuine technical Theosophy, this pure Theosophy, may become the channel for the reception of a greater volume, of a greater flow, of inspiration from the principal Lodge of our Masters. That stream will never flow, at least will never flow properly, unless the channel -- the Theosophical Society -- is builded in proper pattern, builded aright, and kept or preserved aright through the years. The Masters of course are not hindered in their work by the mistakes of men. Their work is not undone, nor is it spoiled, by the mistakes of us, their pupils. Nevertheless, if there are no mistakes to rectify, no things built distortedly to straighten later, no errors to atone for with retributive suffering, then the flow of Light and Truth and Peace and Brotherly Love coming forth from the heart, spiritual and intellectual, of our planet, will be strong and immediate and will reach us in relatively full flood and sooner than otherwise would be possible.

Should, however, the T. S. at any time become degenerate, which means, otherwise phrased, should ever the Fellowship of the T. S. as a body fall spiritually and intellectually beneath a certain standard which we up to the present have retained, then there will always be a danger of our beloved Theosophical Society becoming a merely sectarian body, headed -- or not headed as the case may be -- by a merely exoteric official, who in the worst of such cases would become a sort of Pope.

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