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Re: Theos-World Radha Burnier's Medical Certificates

May 10, 2008 00:33 AM
by Drpsionic

Aside from the fact that neither physical nor mental impairment seems to matter to drivers in India where sane people stay as far from the roads as possible, the question is not their position in the medical world, but are they neurologists?? One of my doctors was the head of pancreas stuff (long word in the title, pancreoblablabla,?that I do not remember so bear with me) in a teaching hospital and a brilliant surgeon (who even managed to survive a good joke that I had at his expense).? But, much as I came to respect and admire him, I would not have?wanted him to?operate on my wife's cervical spine last year.? It is not his field of expertise.? The title on the certificate is nice, but without knowing the specialty of the doctor, of no value whatsoever.

She may very well have completely recovered, and let us hope for her sake that she has, if only?for her poor listeners when she lectures who no doubt work off many lifetimes of karma by enduring such suffering, but the evidence is still not persuasive.

I know this sounds like the knitpicking of a confirmed gadfly, but I really do wonder about these things.

Chuck the Heretic 

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From: prmoliveira <>
Sent: Sat, 10 May 2008 2:11 am
Subject: Theos-World Radha Burnier's Medical Certificates

(Below is the transcription of two medical certificates: one issued 
by Radha Burnier's personal physician, and the other by a professor 
of Medicine in India. PO)

S Harihara Raghavan
General Manager 
The Theosophical Society
Adyar, Chennai 600 020

17 April 2008


I am the personal physician for Mrs Radha Burnier, who has authorized 
me to furnish you with a medical certificate.

As a senior physician, I have been looking after Mrs Burnier for more 
than ten years.

Mrs Radha Burnier had a "TRANSIENT ISCHEMIC ATTACK" (TIA) on 11 
November 2006. She recovered quickly and completely after taking a 
period of rest, and also prescribed medication. She is now doing 
extremely well, and has no health problems. Both her physical 
activity and mental alertness are excellent, and I have permitted her 
to drive her car, and she is driving regularly. 

In my opinion she is fit to undertake any responsibility involving 
strenuous physical and mental activity, and undertake travel both 
within India and overseas.

I am sure this will clarify the doubts of some members of the 
Theosophical Society about her current state of health, and this can 
be communicated to them.

Yours Sincerely,

(Dr. P Thirumalai)"

"From: "Raveendran Mundakkal Ayyappankutty* 
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 9:51 AM
Subject: To the Attention of Harihararaghavan- Gen. Manager TS- 
Health of President TS

Dr. M. A. Raveendran
Professor and Head
Department of Medicine
Medical Superintendent
Government Medical College, Thrissur

This is to testify that I have examined Dr (Mrs).Radha Burnier on 
11th and 12th of April 2008 in Adyar. I had reviewed her medical 
problems and found that she has recovered from a mild stroke and that 
there is no need for any undue concern regarding her health. At 
present she is having no motor weakness; her speech and higher 
functions are normal; She has no problems related to attention or 
decision making in goal-oriented problems. She is attending her 
office and is able to exercise her work as the president of 
Theosophical society. Considering her age and after the present 
medical evaluation I can very confidently assure that there is 
absolutely no need to worry about her health. It is very sad to hear 
rumors regarding her health, which does not pertain to facts.

I hereby testify that Dr. (Mrs) Radha Burnier enjoys good health and 
any scandals contrary to the same is not in accordance with facts. 

(Dr M. A. Raveendran)

Pedro Oliveira


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