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Re: TS President Radha Burnier's Health -- Doctors' Certificates

May 09, 2008 11:09 PM
by Anand

The certificate of fitness is issued by  a doctor who is appointed by
Radha as General Manager at TS. It is no wonder he would praise
Radha's health.

S Harihara Raghavan
General Manager
The Theosophical Society
Adyar, Chennai 600 020

Note that I am not telling who is better candidate. I am only doing
analysis of different statements made by different people in this
election process.

Anand Gholap

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> All of us have heard about the unfounded allegations of the poor
> and mental health of our President Radha Burnier and why Algeo
> to stand for election.
> A kind soul in the cyberspace, sent me certificates from two medical
> who have examined Radha Burnier recently and who testify to the good
> of Radha Burnier. One of them is her private physician and the other the
> Principal of a Medical College.
> I am providing them below. The certification of the doctors should
allay the
> fears of any member about the health condition of our President.
> I understand that many members around the world have already seen them.
> Also, it is my hope that the Section Secretaries do distribute them
to their
> members, since Justice and Fairness, which theosophists value very much,
> requires factual information be made available to their membership
> they make up their minds and cast their votes.
> M K Ramadoss
> San Antonio, Texas, USA
> ----XXX---
> To
> S Harihara Raghavan
> General Manager
> The Theosophical Society
> Adyar, Chennai 600 020
> 17 April 2008
> Sir,
> I am the personal physician for Mrs Radha Burnier, who has
authorized me to
> furnish you with a medical certificate.
> As a senior physician, I have been looking after Mrs Burnier for
more than
> ten years.
> Mrs Radha Burnier had a "TRANSIENT ISCHEMIC ATTACK" (TIA) on 11 November
> 2006. She recovered quickly and completely after taking a period of
> and also prescribed medication. She is now doing extremely well, and
has no
> health problems. Both her physical activity and mental alertness are
> excellent, and I have permitted her to drive her car, and she is driving
> regularly.
> In my opinion she is fit to undertake any responsibility involving
> physical and mental activity, and undertake travel both within India and
> overseas.
> I am sure this will clarify the doubts of some members of the
> Society about her current state of health, and this can be
communicated to
> them.
> Yours Sincerely,
> (Dr. P Thirumalai)
> ---xxx---
> From: "Raveendran Mundakkal Ayyappankutty*
> To:
> Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 9:51 AM
> Subject: To the Attention of Harihararaghavan- Gen. Manager TS-
Health of
> President TS
> Dr. M. A. Raveendran
> Professor and Head
> Department of Medicine
> Medical Superintendent
> Government Medical College, Thrissur
> This is to testify that I have examined Dr (Mrs).Radha Burnier on
11th and
> 12th of April 2008 in Adyar. I had reviewed her medical problems and
> that she has recovered from a mild stroke and that there is no need
for any
> undue concern regarding her health. At present she is having no motor
> weakness; her speech and higher functions are normal; She has no
> related to attention or decision making in goal-oriented problems.
She is
> attending her office and is able to exercise her work as the
president of
> Theosophical society. Considering her age and after the present medical
> evaluation I can very confidently assure that there is absolutely no
need to
> worry about her health. It is very sad to hear rumors regarding her
> which does not pertain to facts.
> I hereby testify that Dr. (Mrs) Radha Burnier enjoys good health and any
> scandals contrary to the same is not in accordance with facts.
> (Dr M. A. Raveendran)
> 16-04-08
> ===xxx===
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