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Re: Theos-World The Carbonell letter

May 07, 2008 11:30 PM
by Martin

As I remember from reading, HPB wasn't that healthy as
well, however she did what she did and we wouldn't
discuss any here if she hadn't be around...

--- Jokela Petri <> wrote:

> Mostly members in Finland are not aware of Radha´s
> healt or wrong information about her healt as far as
> I know. So it has not have any effect on them.  Only
> those few members who read this  know about that. I
> have forwarded translated versions to some friend
> members about some main  letters and dodctor´s
> certification of Radha´s health. Still they mostly
> think Radha is too old for  administator work of TS.
>  I hope if John becomes elected that we do not get
> plasma tvs to Leabdeater chamber´s rooms and so on. 
> If Radha becomes elected I wish next time I go there
> beats of the roof wont drop down on floor and
> spcecially on my newly washed cloths which I am
> ironong in ironing room. Also I wish that water
> tanks stops linking on  the top of the Leadbeater
> Chamber. And also that all mould have been fixed off
> ogf te building.  Also I wish that cover of
> electricity connection box of iron won´t drop off.
> Last time I had to fix it by myself.  THAT IS
> though someone said that president should not be
> elected based on these matters.  But President has
> been responsible about these almost this far. I am
> sure that as Betty Blant said  that Adyar would
> flourish under John´s leadership this is something
> that would happen and get better. Sure Radha has
> done something also about these matters, we need
> more activity in this matter to make our stay at
> Adyar safe and pleasant.  Spiritual Center or Ashram
> does not mean that one has to live in such a
> dangeroues place for health and so on.  PJ   this at
> all that Radha´s health   ----- Original Message
> -----    From: prmoliveira    To:
>    Sent: Wednesday, May
> 07, 2008 11:45 PM   Subject: Theos-World The
> Carbonell letter     Below, I reproduce Elvira
> Carbonell's letter, which   was sent out, by email,
> from Adyar, on 19 December 2007:    "Dear General
> Council member, Mr Lindemann:    Since there has
> been uncertainty about the state   of our
> President's health and our   Vice-President's
> willingness and ability to   accept nominations for
> the upcoming Presidential   election, several of us
> at Adyar feel the need to   write to members of the
> General Council to share   the following
> information.    Many of us at Adyar are concerned
> that our   President will be putting an unnecessary
> burden   on herself and her prospects for continued 
>  recovery if she runs for another term. Because of  
> our deep regard for her and the Society, we would  
> like to see her live as long as possible as a   wise
> counsel and guide to whoever gets elected as   the
> next President of the Theosophical Society.    We
> have learned that our Vice-President has been  
> asked if he will accept nominations, and have  
> confirmation from him that although he is not  
> eager to run for President, he will do what seems  
> to be in the best interest of the Society when   the
> time comes, and he will accept nominations.   We
> have also received confirmation from him that   he
> feels Adyar has to remain the international  
> Headquarters of the TS, for both practical and  
> symbolical reasons.    We hope that others who are
> qualified and have   the best interest of the
> Society at heart will   make themselves available as
> nominees in a   non-adversarial spirit, as having
> several   candidates on the ballot will ensure a
> wider   choice of experience and abilities, which
> can   only benefit our Society.    Fraternally
> yours,    Ms Elvira Carbonell   Theosophical
> Society, Adyar, India"    The first paragraph of the
> letter shows that:    a) Mrs Radha Burnier's health
> was an issue in this election, with Ms   Carbonell
> using the word `uncertainty' in relation to it;   
> b) Dr John Algeo, as Vice-President, was willing and
> able to accept   nominations;    c) Carbonell and
> several others at Adyar decided to write to the  
> members of the General Council.    Comment:
> Carbonell was working as assistant to the
> International   Secretary, Mary Anderson, and
> therefore residing at Adyar. As some of   her
> articles had appeared in `The Theosophist', her name
> was known   around the world. The Secretary's Office
> contains the entire   membership database of the TS
> (Adyar), including names and addresses   of GC
> members. Miss Anderson issued the official
> nomination papers on   18 December 2007 to all GC
> members by airmail. Several GC members   while at
> Adyar for the Convention received theirs hand
> delivered.    A question that arises here is: what
> was the impact of Carbonell's   letter, and the
> letters of the several others at Adyar mentioned by 
>  her, on those members of the GC living overseas?
> What role did it   play in the number of nominations
> received by both candidates?    The second paragraph
> attempts to pre-empt Mrs Burnier's candidacy by  
> suggesting to General Council members that she
> should remain as a   retired elder in the TS.    The
> third paragraph includes a confirmation by John
> Algeo that he   will accept nominations. As
> Carbonell's letter was read out by the   President
> at the General Council meeting of the TS, held on 25
>   December 2007 (the minutes of this meeting are
> included in the TS   Annual Report for 2007), and as
> Dr Algeo's mention in Carbonell's   letter was not
> questioned by him at that meeting, the logical  
> conclusion is that Carbonell's assertions about him
> having decided to   accept nominations are factual. 
>   As Elvira Carbonell and others at Adyar wrote the
> above communication   to the members of the General
> Council of the TS, not only attempting   to pre-empt
> Mrs Burnier's candidacy but definitely announcing
> that Dr   Algeo had agreed to accept nominations,
> Mrs Burnier was entitled to   write to the same GC
> members and present her views.    It is also
> interesting to note that the National President of
> the TS   in America, Mrs Betty Bland, who attended
> the GC meeting last   December, while accusing Radha
> Burnier of electioneering  
>   she makes no mention at all of Carbonell's letter
> which was read out   at the same General Council
> meeting mentioned above.    Another interesting
> point is that Mrs Bland's message mentioned above  
> includes only the text of her (Bland's) letter,
> while the same   message which was received by email
> in other places, including New   Zealand and
> Australia, included at the bottom the text of Radha 
>  Burnier's letter to the GC members, which was
> originally sent by   airmail.    Pedro Oliveira     
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