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White Lotus Day

May 07, 2008 06:25 PM
by MKR

Sun is already rising in the East and it is White Lotus Day.

It is a day on which we all show our gratitude to HPB and others who have
given their lives to bring Theosophy to us and the world. HPB said that
Altruism is the key (I am not quoting exactly) requirement for a
Theosophist. It is also note worthy that she wanted us to feed the hungry
and poor on this day. She did not ask us to meditate or chant or read SD.
But feed the hungry and poor. Of course she wanted a chapter or two read
from Bhagavat Gita and Light of Asia.

Recently, when I read a certain incident in the life of Lord Buddha, I was
able to recognize why Brotherhood is the key objective of TS. A devotee
comes to Lord Buddha and touches his feet and addresses "My Lord or God".
Buddha takes him in his hand and tells him that you are my brother. Lord
Buddha knows what he has achieved and where the devotee stands. But to
emphasize that the devotee is his brother sends a very significant message.
Couple of times when I have been conversing in social occassions, I recount
this to the amazement of my friends.


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