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TS Election - A view from England

May 07, 2008 04:25 PM
by MKR

I just received a msg from Edi D. Bilimoria, a long-time member from
England. I am quoting from it since it raises some very valid questions
regarding the Election.


"I would like to add my own testimonial regarding Radha Burnier's state of
mind, plus my response to the letter from the French National Board - please
see attached.

I am utterly dismayed by the following:

1. To fabricate Radha Burnier's supposed 'brain damaged' and 'weakened mind'
state when: (a) hard medical evidence from two Doctors, one a Professor of
Medicine, indicates the very contrary - please see attached (b) personal,
eye witness accounts of Radha Burnier's performance at the last Convention
have stated that she was able to deliver her Convention speech standing for
one and a half hours (c) facts about her recent travels on duty in India.

2. Then to perform such actions under the thin guise of doing it 'for the
good and welfare of our Society',  distribute it widely,  and sign a letter
with words such as 'fraternally'.

3. For the International Vice-President NOT to speak out in defense of such
rabid attack against the International President.

4. For lobbying and electioneering activists  to present just one side of
the story - Radha Burnier's *supposed* weakened state of mind - and not
mention the facts on the other side.

Indeed the Chairman of British Telecom once remarked: *I have consistently
observed that the amount of back-stabbing and skullduggery in an
organization is directly proportional to the nobility of its ideals.* Sadly,
he seems to be right.

May I kindly remind all that we are TRUTH LOVING AND TRUTH SEEKING SOCIETY.
Compromise that and we plunge into an Avitchi of political mayhem.


It is high time we institute formal measures to revoke the membership of
those who demonstrably act against the cause of truth and the best interests
of our Society.

With best wishes in upholding the Truth

Edi D. Bilimoria"

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