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Re: Theos-World Theosophist mesages are sabotage

May 07, 2008 01:54 PM
by Martin

Don't worry Raquel, your message comes through.
I have a faint idea who this theosphyts is, however if
he has any balls he should come forward, if not he is
a coward as I have written him before.
Its good to see lots of noise coming out of this group
just now, it proves me REAL theosophy hasn't died as
have the organisations, a few exceptions.
The same happened with the Anthroposophical Society
who is in the hands of bankers now.
I do know however the GWB is still in one piece and
slowly expanding her influence in a Natural way.

--- raquel_rpj <> wrote:

> I have try to unswer twice to the anonimous mesages,
> but what I 
> write, gets inmediatly substitude by their original
> mesage, so I ask 
> this for third time and at this time I´m a bit
> anoyed, especialy 
> because I did not enjoy to see words I did not talk
> under my name.
> So dear unkown
> Are you asking to suspend the whole group activity
> not just the topic?
> It is that an order?
> Why and with what authority are you asking such a
> thing?
> In what way are humanitarian activities bein damage
> by the discusion 
> of this group? I don´t belive anyone on this group
> wish that at all.
> Why do not you writte your name?
> You must be joking
> Best regards
> Raquel

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