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Re: Please suspend/close this group

May 07, 2008 09:35 AM
by Anton Rozman

Dear anonymous friend,

Unfortunately, this is true. But it is only the reaction and it only 
reveals the way in which the Theosophical Society functions - using 
personal lines of information and often with the mobbing of 
supposed "troublemakers" who demands transparency. 

The solution is certainly not closing of the mailing list but an 
immediate response of the Society to meet the members' need and right 
for information and to begin to act as an institution. More over, 
closing of the mail list will not prevent the circulation of e-
messages we are now getting into mail-boxes from anonymous senders.

If you really care for the good work of the organization and 
countless members you should address your plea to the Administration 
which has all the resources to prevent such situations with prompt 
and accurate information and which obviously does not work as it 
should. I am certainly willing to help that such information will 
reach the public.

Warmest regards,

--- In, "theosophyts" <theosophyts@...> 
> The messages are getting too personal. The exchanges are prone to 
> damage the organization and demorialise the members. There are many 
> good humanitarian activities that are being done by the 
> and they will all suffer. May I appeal to all to suspend/close this 
> group until atleast things cool down. One other similar website 
> (theosophy-forum, I think) has closed the topic of election under 
> heading Adyar/Wheaton which is a good act.

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