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TS Elections - Radha Burnier's Letter - Some Observations

May 06, 2008 07:12 AM
by MKR

We all should be thankful for seeing Radha Burnier's letter dated March 12,
2008 on the Internet. We all should be grateful to Radha Burnier for writing
the letter. Some may have not noticed its importance. It provided critical
information to members.

It is in that letter we found out what the real plans of Algeo are. While we
saw a 78 year old man's vision (most effective visions are from young men
and women in 20s and 30s; go and look at world's history) on his website,
his specific intentions/plans/situation are covered by generalizations.

Radha Burnier's letter states:

"Dr. Algeo who is around 78, does not like the climate here, nor can he
leave the United States for more than a short time, in view of his wife's
condition. I believe that if elected he intends to work largely from America
through e-mail and video conversations."

I have not seen any disputation of the above from Algeo or his surrogates.

Some old-timers (who are used to keeping things unnecessarily secret) were
surprised to see the letter on the Internet. If Radha Burnier had intended
the letter to be private, it would have been marked "PRIVATE". So no one
should be surprised to see it on the Internet. Anything put in writing may
surface on Internet.

All the important messages on the election can be found at the link at the
end of this msg.

We all should be thankful to Internet and those who setup the maillists and
the author of the link below.  But for the Internet, the election would have
been over long time ago.



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