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Is democracy outdated?

May 06, 2008 02:35 AM
by Anton Rozman

Is democracy outdated or it never came into being? It is clear that 
this question applies to the situation in the world in general as 
well to that in the TS. 

As the democracy is not functioning there are present the attempts to 
let the corporations (in one or another form) rule the world for, it 
is said, only they can make it run in an efficient manner. There were 
already many attempts in this direction and they brought millions of 
death. On the other side there is opposition to this global 
domination which grasps itself to actual institutions which do not 
reflect the rule of law and common interest but the compromise 
between several partial interests of groups of power. 

Is there any third alternative? Is it possible to make democracy 
functional? It depends from every single human being on this earth, 
from every member of the Theosophical Society! Anyone can make and 
should make a difference!

We really never had an international Theosophical Society, just loose 
association of national societies, kept together with the parallel 
structure of government embodied in the Esoteric Section, Co-
Freemasonry, Liberal Catholic Church, and so on. But these 
organizations didn't enforce the democracy in the Theosophical 
Society but rather imposed to it their incompatible autocratic 
structure and interests. They became impediment for the democracy in 
the Theosophical Society and its democratic progress. They ruined 
several attempts of good and promising work within the Theosophical 
Society as can be seen in the case of decayed TS in Yugoslavia
and in the sad case of Toddywalla family

The process of democratization can begin only within every single 
unit of the Theosophical Society, within each individual member and 
within the lodges. They can acknowledge themselves with the Rules and 
Regulations and Principles of Work of the Theosophical Society, 
begin to function in that sense and develop innovative approaches. 
And many of them already do so.

The process can be successful only if every single member will become 
a leader and if the current administration and elected President will 
support this process. And such process will for sure reveal young 
persons who will able to administrate the Theosophical Society in 
the 21st century.


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