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Re: Theos-World Election

May 04, 2008 09:50 AM
by Martin

The Leader comes when the members are ready...
As long as they fight for peace, war will be the
The minute we consider that we ARE eachother, we stop
fighting and will try comfort and teach eachother.
Realise we are all One and therefore even responsible
for some1 elses karma!
The story of Christ is an example. Of course he didnt
die for our sins, he just knew he was also responsible
for them, because he found the wholeness of humanity

--- leadershipbeacon <> wrote:

> The question one should ask oneself on voting in the
> election is 
> 'Who will be able to provide a leadership to The
> Theosophical 
> Society that will attract more (selfless) members
> and will help 
> spread the theosophical teachings far and wide' .
> In fact this is the question which every member of
> the General 
> Council should have asked himself/herself before
> nominating anyone! 
> The election process is such that the candidates are
> not the 
> choices of the members! 

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