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Area 51

May 01, 2008 02:30 PM
by Martin

On this world we can become Buddha at the most, but what on other 
It seems if you look at the video's showed here:

we are being monitored by extra terrestial life which found a way to 
descent and manifest in this particular physical world...
If we are to believe each world, like each body is governed by just 1 
being and guarded by a lipika (Narada on our earth), why are we probed 
by extra terestials? Is there something the Mahatma's didn't discuss 
but only referred to? I have seen several unidentifeid flying objects, 
the last 1, 2 days ago above my house being a very fast orange light 
with a smaller one in its orbit and no it was no plane and didnt make 
Your thoughts please?

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